Hanging Out

I don’t have anything monumental to discuss as your Monday gets going so I’ll do my best to be brief. One of the joys about a weekly gaming post is that no matter how miserable my week has been, I know that every Friday is devoted to video games. Sometimes it’s a necessary respite from the day-to-day grind. However there are other times when I would like to elaborate on something more timely but must delay those posts until the following week. It happens. I figure if I have some truly tremendous news then I would blast twitter and put up a post when I need it. After all, it’s my blog, right? But I don’t want to break the routine unless it is essential. Posts are published at 9:30am each week day. Those are the “rules” I’ve set.

This weekend my mom’s brother, J came down for what was essentially a crash course in the 21st century. You know those commercials with the guy that offers the CDs on every computer program, the Video Professor? My uncle would be a prime candidate for that stuff. Now I’ve helped out my neighbors and roommates figure out some specific problem with Excel or Word or helped troubleshoot basic computer problems before, but every time I have helped someone that was already competent in basic computer use. This is the mouse. This is an icon. This is an Internet Browser. It’s been a while since I had to start from scratch. Trying to explain what a bookmark is in the most basic of terms, to someone who a few hours ago registered their first ever email account, is an exercise in both patience and creativity. To his credit, J was a sponge. He caught on very quickly and was able to ask pointed questions to help clarify the tasks he knew he was going to do on a day-to-day basis. I expect many an email in the future asking for help about something I would consider second nature but it is nice to give back to family and sometimes I could use the refresher.

Finally, last Thursday I took a step out of my safe and solitary social bubble to hang out with a bunch of people with Type 1. I received an email invitation to meet up with the AT1 JDRF Capitol Chapter. Basically people with Type 1 Diabetes that live near the Washington DC area. With my obligations to my gaming post and organizing show notes for PGR I had to skip the ice skating part but the post skating gathering at the District Chop House was certainly doable. Because I live out in the boonies, I had to catch the orange line into the city, the District Chop house is barely a block away from the Verizon Center (for those of you familiar with the area) so there was very little unfamiliar with getting out there. You might remember my last meet-up with a bunch of strangers didn’t go so well in my eyes. Yes, I met some cool people, and yes eventually I had fun but I was a ball of nerves the entire night. Thursday night was much better. I guess I just needed to get that first one out of the way.

Now before you start pointing fingers and freaking out…Yes, we were meeting at a bar. The key word to this group is ADULTS with Type 1. We are all adults, over 21, responsible (within reason) and particularly responsible when it comes to drinking with Type 1. It is up to each person to decide if a beer or a glass of wine is right for them, we don’t judge. I don’t judge. And just because we were meeting at a bar does not mean that everyone is obligated to drink. I’m 25ish and I’ve never had anything to drink. Ever. It’s actually quite simple – Would you like something to drink? No, thank you. See? Simple.

I arrived a little late and it was a little odd to show up and have people immediately recognize you. Hey, you’re Spartacus right? Having this blog for over a year now, I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that I might be recognized for my online exploits, but it was a pleasant surprise. The night was very fun. Among the many topics of discussion, we talked about Diabetes, my awesome cell phone, the interesting conversations you will hear on a bus ride and tattoos. You know, normal stuff.

If you live in the DC Metro area and are interested in meeting some cool people that happen to have Diabetes, I highly recommend you check out AT1. From what I was told, Thursday night was a bit more intimate. The number of people that come to these meet-ups typically varies but is rarely as small as the one I was at (I think at most there were 12 people at the bar).

If you’re interested in participating in a future AT1 event, here is the AT1 website. There is also a Facebook Page if you get down like that.

If you have any other questions, let me know and I’ll try to put you in contact with the right people.

Forgive the blur. Click for other AT1 picutres.

Forgive the blur. Click for other AT1 picutres.

3 thoughts on “Hanging Out

  1. I’m so glad you came to the bar for the AT1 event, Chris. It was fantastic meeting you in person. This picture is hilarious – I have the hugest grin on my face. Either we were making introductions or I had made some lame comment.



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