Gobble Gobble

Honestly, I hope you are reading this AFTER family, food, football, fun and whatever alliterative word you want to fill in for Thanksgiving. While I do have a lot to be thankful for, I’m more concerned with being with those things that I am thankful for than typing it out. Nothing against you guys – I love you all – but aside from the occasional twitpic of foodums from the kitchen, I’m hoping for a pretty calm and off-the-grid kind of day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

And what good would a Thanksgiving be without a Fighting Gobbler reference 😉

2 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble

  1. Hmm… turkey went in the oven at about 13:45, Other Half expected home from work about 20:00… 17.2 lb turkey should be about done by then. Taking a break from prepping cranberry sauce and stuffing stuff.

    Hope you’re enjoying the fun, football, and family…



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