Re: AFK. Meetup

I’m going to leave up that afk post from yesterday. It’s lame, but it isn’t a meme so I’m not breaking my one rule. And I feel justified in leaving it up since I have two posts as a followup (which I will link to in that post), you’ll have to suffer for that half a thought from my blackberry. Deal with it ;).

White House

Early last week Dana (@danamlewis) mentioned that she would be in Washington DC for cupcakes and gatherings. Since I’m within a metro ride of DC, and cupcakes sounded like a wonderful idea, I let her know that she should hit me up when she gets in town. A few tweets later, Hello Cupcake was designated as the rendezvous point and the countdown to Saturday began. For reasons I will not disclose, I was a very nervous leading up to the meetup. Among my many concerns: What is the protocol for meeting a bunch of people that you only know on twitter? Is it rude to tweet at a tweetup? Do you introduce yourself as your real name or twitter name or both? I have to admit, identifying myself as @iam_spartacus was entertaining. It’s not something you hear every day, and I don’t often say “I am Spartacus” in normal conversation. (Even if it is true)

So there were cupcakes. Oh brother there were cupcakes. I chickened out and went with the Vanilla with Vanilla, but holy wow was there a lot of icing. I’ll elaborate on the food portion tomorrow, but the cupcake was awesome. Once we took over the corner of Hello Cupcake with our 9 person entourage the next phase was dinner. Again, I’ll go more in to that tomorrow, but for the sake of this post I can talk about the non-food part of that.

Helloooooo Cupcake

Aside from Dayle and Dana, I had no idea who these people were. But it was clear that these people were very passionate about whatever they were affiliated with. Lots of conversation of how social media factored in to…well whatever. I think this twitter thing might take off in the near future. One interesting note from my time at the table for 8 that we made seat 9 was that I really don’t know what it is I want to do with my life. Generally speaking, I am still trying to find a purpose. I know this blog is fun, and I enjoy podcasting but at the moment there isn’t a tangible future through either of these adventures. I’m still searching, but right now I’m in a big ocean with no land in sight and no compass to help me navigate.


Listening to these guys and gals talk really drew the lack of direction thing in a much finer detail. There were plenty of times that I felt lost, on the outside. Part of it was being the new guy, not knowing anyone, not knowing the subject matter. It’s hard to interject without sounding like a dumbass so I opted for the smile and nod. A bit too often, but when you are nervous you revert back to old habits, regardless of how detrimental they are to whatever social situation you find yourself in. And while I’m sure no one else saw it, I felt pretty embarrassed after the fact because the only way I could find a way to engage in conversation was if I could tie it to video games. Felt very, very lame. Granted, they didn’t know that. But it’s like I live in this little bubble, and I really don’t know much about anything. Maybe that’s just me, but that dinner table really put in to context how little I know.

I’m rambling.


After dinner we opted for walking and modified monument tour. Thankfully my shoes were comfortable. Holy geebus did we walk. I don’t have exact distances or anything, but we hit the Washington Monument, the World War 2 Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and looped around to see the White House.

On Foot.

It was a little chilly by the end, and there were some jelly beans and sugar cookies procured to keep Wilford in check by the end of the night, but I had a lot of fun. I mentioned this on twitter but I have more space to elaborate here: It’s a shame that I don’t visit the Capital more often. DC isn’t that far away from me, but I guess the proximity enables me to take it for granted. I’m hoping to get out there a little more often in the near future. I posted some pictures on twitter. Pretty cool stuff. The Korean War Memorial was particularly dramatic at night. Another word that comes to mind is eerie.


All in all, I had a fun time.

4 thoughts on “Re: AFK. Meetup

  1. As someone who lives in DC, and also has type 1 diabetes, and follows your blog, I’ll just add that I’m glad you got the opportunity to visit and meet up with a great group.



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