Right. Right?

Veteran’s Day is a floating holiday for my company. Because of the timing of various extracurricular activities, I decided to use one of my two allotted floating holidays on Veteran’s Day. The plan was to record, edit, post and pimp Just Talking (Episode 4 had Kerri in it) and then complete the single player campaign of Modern Warfare 2 as quickly as possible. Aside from starting the game a little late, I blazed through the campaign in 5 hours 15 minutes. I spent the rest of the day either sleeping or playing Multiplayer with members of the Talking About Games community. Good times. As a result, I’m still uber tired and I don’t have anything particularly inspiring to write about. So I’ll offer a quick update to a previous post and leave you to the rest of your day.

I had commented on how awesome it is to see the War Zone of my (our) finger tips and how I have this thing for not testing on my right hand. It’s pretty lame, that’s me. Last night I finished the last of my current bottle of test strips and can confirm that my right hand was used for each test. I have to admit there were a good number of times that I would have remind myself after loading up the lancet in my right hand for a left handed test. Oh yea, I’m dumb. I guess with Diabetes you have to take the victories as they come, no matter how inconsequential.

Of course the more important victory would be that I am consistently testing. Right now I’m doing this for the purpose of recording my numbers for my eventual meeting with Not House. But I’m sure you all know how easy it is to skip a test here or there. Sadly, there was a lengthy period of college where testing was barely even a thought. I think that attitude was compounded by my A1c being in range for the first few years. All of a sudden, I understood Diabetes. How foolish of me.

With that, back to the left hand.

If only I can remember to change the lancet on a regular basis. I suppose one battle is enough for me.

Join the Movement: Stop Diabetes

Stop Diabetes

#stopdiabetes so rotating fingertips for my blood tests can become a thing of the past

7 thoughts on “Right. Right?

  1. Game On.

    My fingers really are a war zone. Meh.
    I try to switch from left to right per test. I don’t always remember of course.
    Recently I found myself going to my left middle finger every test. Hey, any little way to tell off Diabetes….or somethin’.


  2. I’m going to have to start switching, my left hand is starting to not bleed and there are little permanent brown/red marks on my three left fingertips. (I have 5 fingers, I only use three for testing though…just to clarify) Here’s to using the right!


  3. I recommend you discard the lancet every time you discard a test strip. With no lancet in the lancing device, you have to use a new one when you test the next time.


  4. I play finger puppets with my hands, let them discuss among themselves, battle it out, engage in a little fisticuffs, and then I put the smack down on them by making them bleed. It works – though I should probably change fingers more often as the ring fingers have visible dots whereas everything else seems fine. Huh, fancy that… who knew?


  5. I say screw changing the lancet. I’m pretty diligent about everything, so there are a few corners I cut to make all of this a tiny bit easier – and that’s one of them. Rotating is pretty easy though as long you remember and make it a habit.


  6. I’ve had diabetes for over 17 years, and I bet I could count on my 10 bloody-pockmark-ridden fingers the number of lancet boxes I’ve gone through in that time. I try to change it whenever I open a new vial of test strips, but that doesn’t always happen. Of all the things we have to worry about, that seems like a relatively small issue.



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