SUMthing Like Voltron

I might have mentioned it once or twice within the space of this blog, but Kerri is the reason I started my blog. Ok, maybe not reason, but one of the primary driving forces behind actually putting my thoughts down on keyboard. I’m sure many bloggers can be connected to Kerri though a six degrees of separation kind of thing. Yes, I know..another 6 reference. That’s her fault. My point is that I wouldn’t be here had I not found her blog. As a result, everything that has happened since I started my blog: writing for TAG, co-host of Post Game Report, starting my own podcast can be tied back to her. It’s not nearly as dramatic as it sounds, but speaking in hyperbole works for the prospect of this opening.

As I said, finding her blog was one of the big steps in to righting a lot of wrongs with my Diabetes. After my position at my job changed I started checking my blood sugar, working out, eating better and all that. It’s hard to quantify exactly what happened, but a lot of the changes that I made in my life are because of her blog. Eventually I found enough courage and frustration to want to start my own blog and the rest is history. To add additional hype to this episode, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released on the day of the recording. If you have paid any attention to the episodes of Post Game Report I have been on, you know how excited I am for this game. But instead of playing Modern Warfare 2, I’m recording, editing, posting and promoting a podcast. Truth be told, Wednesday is a floating holiday for me so I’ll be playing this game ALLLLL day Wednesday.

I promised myself I would get the fanboy stuff out of the way early, you’ll have to listen to find out how ridiculous my fanboy-dom goes.

Episode 4 – SUMthing Like Voltron

Continuing American Diabetes Month, this week I’m joined by Kerri Sparling. She writes a blog called Six Until Me at and loves her cats. Personally, I consider Kerri to be a super-mega-huge inspiration behind all of my doings on the Internet. Join us for the next hour as we talk about different facets of the blogging lifestyle, wearing a pump on the Red Carpet, the 25-letter alphabet native to the Boston Area and elaborate on the “Your Diabetes May Vary” slogan.

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4 thoughts on “SUMthing Like Voltron

  1. Thank YOU for having me!! It was awesome to be Guest No. 4 for Podcast No. 4. (Three until me, right?) Looking forward to the next one, which will hopefully be before I have a BSparl crying in the background instead of a phone ringing. 😉

    Redenbacher for evah.


  2. Re: Boston accents and “dropped r’s” — the greater Boston area has a ton of different accents; they seem to change every mile or two. It’s not just whether, or to what degree, one drops the “r” — it’s also how flat the “a” is (in some neighborhoods, the “o” in “Boston” and the “a” in “harbor” are pronounced the same as the “a” in “man”)…



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