The Dark Lord Rises

I know I usually reserve Friday’s for my gaming post, but the magnitude of this game necessitates its own blog post. I hope you’ll stick through this one for me. If you’ve been paying attention to the episodes of Post Game Report that I post every week, then no doubt you have noticed a certain affection that I have for Modern Warfare 2. To give you some context, I played nothing but Halo 1 my freshman year of college. When Halo 2 came out, I was playing Halo 1 so much my neighbors knew they wouldn’t see me for a week after that game came out. “We’ll see you next week Chris, have fun.” I didn’t have to say anything, they knew what was up. Halo 3 came out while I was working on the road, but I convinced my Dad to go to the midnight launch to pick up my Halo Helmet for me, that’s how hardcore I am/was. (Thanks Dad).

Halo Helmet. It was worth it.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the game that got me off of Halo. Sure, I played other games after Halo 3 came out, but COD4 made me completely forget about Master Chief and Cortana. It was a real shock when I finally admitted to COD4’s existence and gave in. I lived in denial for a very long time, purposely denying that the game was any good. What a fool I was.

Then Talking About Games happened. And Episode 122 of Uncle Gamer Radio happened. And the constant barrage of press and videos and articles and podcasts. Simply put, Halo 2 was the most hyped I’ve been for a video game in my life. I’m 1000x more hyped for this game. It’s bad. Of course, I’m typing this post AFTER I picked up the game. Which is lame. I wont be able to play the game after I post this because I have to go to work. Also lame.

As far as today (Wednesday) is concerned. I am recording an episode of Just Talking tonight, before I turn on my Xbox 360. Now you might think that too is lame, trust me. It. Is. NOT. All I can say is that I needed a very good reason to not play Modern Warfare 2 when I get home. I have one. Trust me.

To end this post, here’s the latest episode of Post Game Report. And I’m including some MW2 pron, in case you want to know what all the fuss is about.

Modern Warfare 2. Hardened Edition

Manual. Call of Duty Classic. Game Disc.

Autographed Strategy Guide

BTW, I confirmed that those 2 autographs are from the guys responsible for the campaign section of the Official Strategy Guide — Jason Fox and Phillip Marcus. Why they came to Herndon, VA…I have no idea. But they signed it. And my receipt for the game too.

PS. The whole “Dark Lord”, “Voldemort” thing stemmed from an inside joke on PGR. We were talking too much about MW2 on the podcast so we had an embargo of sorts placed on the game. As soon as the embargo was in place we had a guest come on and in the course of the interview he asked us what our “most anticipated game” was. Naturally we laughed our asses off and said we weren’t allowed to talk about that game. “The Game We’re Not Allowed to Talk About” became “The Game That Shall Not Be Named” and it kept going from there. Eventually I flat out called it Voldemort aka The Dark Lord. We have issues…I know. But I am so psyched to finally play this game….after tonight’s Just Talking 😉

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