D-Blog Day 2009

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you have received an email or 12 from random company about random website promoting random product. Some of the pitches are more personal than others, giving the illusion that they know who you are before they just insert your first name and your blog title in some entry field to fulfill the purposes of a mass email. I have to admit, it feels kinda weird to receive an email from someone professional entity that found my blog. Likely through someone’s blogroll, but the fact that I was deemed worthy to be on somebody’s distribution list is kinda cool. Hey, I’m still new at this, let me live in my naivety for a bit longer.

The mere premise that my online personality has grown to even the lowest level of Internet Celebrity is beyond amusing. I’m not special. I’m no different from the newly diagnosed lurker or the Diabetic veteran that has been dealing with this disease longer than I’ve been alive. Really. I’m not special. I’m not.


World Diabetes Day

The idea that I have built a reputation for myself after 10+ months of blogging, podcasting and whatever else I do here is a bit surreal. But I suppose I’ve been doing this long enough, at a consistent enough pace that there is a certain level of expectation for whatever it is I deliver. Be it text, lots of text, or my podcasts. Though all of this: the blood (tests), the sweat (from the lows), the tears (also from the lows), I sometimes have to remember that I’m doing all of this for myself and no one else.

I’m not in this for the perks. I’m not looking to be recognized. I’m not podcasting at TAG for free video games. I wont turn down an opportunity that might come my way because of what I might have managed to accomplish through this, but that’s not why I’m here. I appreciate the kudos I occasionally get and enjoy when I see my page hits spike over a recent post I publish, but this blog still comes back to me being me. And that’s what matters most.

Join the Movement: Stop Diabetes

Stop Diabetes

I started this thing to find a way out of the psychological dump I was found myself in last New Years.

I needed to find a way out of the emotional mud pit my tires were spinning in before I registered the domain for this blog.

I’m here because this #dblog has saved my life and I continue to return because I am eternally grateful.


D-Blog Day

Today is #dblogday among the interwebs. I kinda spent my energy getting into the whole dblog thing on yesterday’s post. It wasn’t planned. But you can click the image to check out a bunch of other dbloggers talk about what their blog means to them.

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