War Zone

One of the many, many joys of proper Diabetes management is the almighty blood glucose test. The majority of my readers know what goes in to a test. It’s not just the test strip and the number. It’s the *shink* of the lancet, it’s the hesitation before you press that little plastic thingy to your finger (or where ever you’re testing), the prayer that you get enough blood out of your finger, the agony if you smear blood on something, the decision to wipe or lick, the apprehension before the number is revealed (did I account for ALL those carbs?), the emotional state that a single digital readout can put you in for the next 2-4 hours. It’s not just a test. It’s a judgment on your Diabetes management…until the next test. Then again, maybe that’s just me.


My finger is a War Zone

I have another confession to make. I hate testing on my right hand. Maybe it’s because I hold a pen in my right hand. Maybe it’s because it’s my trigger finger in Call of Duty. Maybe because I’m a glutton for pain and want to see how much I can tolerate on one calloused finger before I relent. All of this means I’ve been on my left hand for over 300 test strips. I’ll use a right index finger if my left hand is not cooperating, but consecutive right handed tests are light years apart. It’s one of those stubborn choices I’ve made. I used to alternate hands between test strip bottles but you can see how well I’ve managed to keep that up. Clearly I have some odd habits when it comes to my management. But look on the bright side, I am testing.

Also, I’m saving this latest bottle of strips after they are used. Lee Ann put out a post asking people for used test strips for her various projects. I’m hoping mine will complement another bedazzled pancreas. Although I must say, keeping a little bag of used test strips feels creepy. Like unabomber creepy. But it’s for a good cause right?

4 thoughts on “War Zone

  1. Took me years to test any of my fingers on my right hand. I still favor the left but am better about movin’ the lancet around the war zones.
    A bit creepy, maybe. A good cause, definitely.


  2. Hehe, I have a bowl on my art table almost overflowing with test strips, and it does look a little peculiar.

    I’m actually taking all used supplies, including boxes, the drug info sheets… anything but sharps.

    Also, just so you know, as I was reading about your consolidated finger-sticking habit, I started to shake my head in that, oh-he-is-so-stubborn-why-does-he-insist-on-doing-that way, completely unconsciously, mind you. When I realized I was doing it, I chuckled a little.


  3. I rarely test on my right hand. It’s just not as convenient! Today I was kniting and I had to stop…i’d recently tested on my index finger on my left hand and the needle was stabbing me right where i’d tested. OW. i’ll have to skip that finger from now on.



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