According to a note written by my family physician on a piece of prescription paper, I was diagnosed some time around the 24th of October. Part of me wants to know the exact date. Part of me really doesn’t care. The past is the past, even something that permanent. I’ve been thinking about going to the hospital to get some official paperwork, but I have always been conveniently too busy to find the time to make the 7 minute drive. It’ll happen one day, and with the actual anniversary approaching I might act upon it. Who knows.



In other news, check this out:

Almost Famous?

Almost Famous?

Here is the video he is talking about –

I had a total fanboy moment with that tweet. Almost like he came down from the mountain top to talk to the little people. I know that’s not how it is, but considering his level of celebrity and my lack of, it feels pretty sweet to be noticed.

Finally, Saw 6 is out this weekend. Yes, I know. Trust me….I know. But I’ve seen (and kind of enjoyed) the previous 5 films. Call it a character flaw. Hopefully I’ll see that, and Zombieland this weekend. A double-feature worth talking about, right?

No wonder I’m still single.

2 thoughts on “Approaching

  1. Earlier this month I celebrated/hated my 19th diab-versary, so I can definitely understand the ambivalence about the exact date. and its always nice when a twitter sets you atwitter 😉



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