I Remember…

I remember a time when I could devote more time, effort, and energy to my blog posts. I remember a time when what I wrote had meaning, purpose, and heart. I remember those posts quite vividly. I remember the days when I couldn’t wait to get home to write up my next blog post because I was going to knock it out of the park. I was going to connect with my readers. I remember those days, and I scratch my head because those days are behind me, and not ahead of me. Lately I’ve been having trouble finding anything worthwhile to comment on. Lately I’ve been putting off my gaming posts until the last possible minute. When did all of this become a chore? When did this become homework? How could I have become so jaded so quickly. This thing isn’t even a year old and I’m questioning its worth.

Getting the podcast out yesterday has me a bit drained. Once I set a firm release of last night I have been focusing all of my energy to perfecting every last detail. Then the avalanche of promotions went out through every website that had text input. Hopefully things will settle down this weekend as I rebuild my routine. I’m starting to compile a list of people I hope will be willing to give up an hour of their time to talk to me on the podcast. Some of you I’ve already contacted, some of you I’ve yet to contact, but I have a list. I might even check it twice.

So this is just a long and drawn out way of saying that I got nothin’ today. Which actually means I had nothin’ last night when I typed this up. Like I said, now that the hard part is over, I’m hoping to rebuild my routine and restore some order and consistency in my life.

Oh yea, if you have iTunes and enjoyed listening to my podcast (which can be found here), you can now officially subscribe to it via iTunes. I’ll provide a link for you here. Again, I appreciate any and all of you that give this thing a listen. Any feedback you have is more than welcome (send it to feedback@justtalkingpodcast.com)

iTunes link – http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=335924865

Just Talking Blog – http://justtalkingpodcast.com

I promise I’ll control the self-promotion. I have high hopes for this thing…I don’t want to jinx it, but I don’t want it to stumble out of the gate.

PS. Did you hear about BSparl? Exciting stuff.

4 thoughts on “I Remember…

  1. Here’s to order and balance. You’ll find it. Then it will elude you again, then you’ll find it again. Part of the journey called life. I’ve been there, many times. I’ll be there again.


  2. It’s definetely harder and harder as time goes on to come up with what you deem as new and interesting topics to write and talk about. That’s okay….hang in there and keep on keeping on. Folks like me have just found you and are interested in your thoughts and insights….Bob


  3. Did I say just found you, I meant just found your blog…..lol as you know, I’ve seen you around forever, just the first time I found your blog….Keep banging away, I know sometimes it feels like ya got nothing, but see, just writing about having nothing prompts conversations …….lol



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