Television Tuesday

I promise the alliteration will not be a week-long trend. In a previous video I had recommended the NFL RedZone Channel to all of my eager-readers. It is awesome. For $49.95 you see every score for every game on Sunday. No commercials. No Joke. Eight straight hours of NFL splendor. It occurred to me that my first attempt may not have done the best job of selling this channel to you, so I’ve decided to show you the power of the Red Zone. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Television Tuesday

  1. SAweet music. Kick ass channel. Wish I had cable….just for the season.
    The delayed “what play goes with that reaction” is hilarious.
    Hello back to the parents. (wave)


  2. Every year the idea of subscribing to The Sunday Ticket comes up, but we’ve never gotten it. I don’t know exactly how much it costs this year, but the price is pretty out of control.

    We have cable upstairs, and Direct TV on our big TV in the living room, plus our neighbors seem to have cable. So if one of us happens to be upstairs watching a game or if the windows are open, whoever is watching in the living room gets the preview screaming/clapping.

    PS Raiders totally suck, so the Eagles should trounce them this weekend.

    PPS America’s team, my @ss….



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