Media Monday

I had previously mentioned that I have been a busy bee lately. Particularly on the podcasting front, I have been all over the place. So if you have the day off and need something to help pass the time, I have just the thing for you. Or Three.

First up, Talkingship Gameclub. Here is the final episode of our discussion on Halo 3: ODST. If you are aware of this game, it’s worth a listen. If not, I wont be offended if you scroll down.

  (Direct Download)

Next up is Uncle Gamer. Parris told me he only wanted to go for about 45 minutes. Turns out we went for 90. We didn’t talk about just video games, but naturally that takes up the bulk of the discussion.

(Direct Download)

Finally we have Post Game Report. This would be episode 75 for those of you keeping score at home.

(Direct Download)

If you were paying attention, that would be 3 podcasts in 3 days. Thankfully I was only responsible for editing one of them. I probably would have lost my mind if I had THAT much to deal with on top of all my other activities.

Two weeks ago I had posted my desire to start a podcast of my own. I am happy to report that big steps have been made towards that goal. I have started a new blog specifically for that podcast and will have the first episode posted later this week. It is my sincere hope that each and every one of you check out the new blog and give the first episode a shot. As I wrote (both there and here), this is not going to be about video games or Diabetes, it’s going to be about the people. About the conversation.

Note: I apologize for the self promotion spam with the new podcast. I promise it will be more judicious moving forward. I’m trying to make a lot of noise out of the gate and let the content speak for itself moving forward.

One thought on “Media Monday

  1. Not only is it cold… just got intensely louder. Where’s the volume control?
    Good things poddin’.
    (get it? poppin’? you be poddin’? right, it’s not funny if you need to explain it….dang cold)

    Happy Monday. 😉



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