For My Next Trick

With my new Sony Handycam in full effect, I am able to scratch a few itches that used to be out of reach in the past. On the few occasions that creativity spawns in the recesses of my brain, now I have the tools to act upon it. Exciting times indeed. All that being said, I have another video for you all. Hopefully you’ll get the whole “creativity spawning” thing. Granted, I’m not the most creative Chris in the wild, but I’m looking forward to seeing how far I can go with just little ol’ me handling the creative process.

I’ll have some comments on the Hannah Montana Diabetes episode tomorrow. If you count their original attempt to discuss Diabetes then this will be the second complete episode of this garbage that I will watch.

The things I’ll do for my failed pancreas…

9 thoughts on “For My Next Trick

  1. Another great vlog. You are so creative. (jealous)

    How do I maintain my sanity? Never thought I had it. πŸ˜‰
    I clean and organize, it has always helped reduced my stress.
    Or I try to get caught up in another world via a book or movie.


  2. Woah, talk about raising the bar on vlogs! Great vlog, very creative! I wish I knew how to do that kind of editing magic. So what do I do to keep my sanity? Besides medication, hahaha I read, play puzzle games on the PC or iPhone, and watch mind numbing TV (which is most of what is on TV nowadays anyways). I also connect with friends, both of the D variety and the non D variety.


  3. Whoa, getting fancy!!! Twice as much of you to enjoy!! Love it!

    What do I to relax? To keep my sanity? My little obsession. Well now, I think everyone can guess that one! But I’ll vlog about it!! πŸ™‚


  4. Well I must say, I’m impressed.

    And inspired to answer your question.

    This week, perhaps, I too will delve into that wild and untamed corner of the internet known as the vlogosphere.




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