Is This Thing Recording?

So my Dad has been on a golf trip for the past few days. Not sure who had the bright idea to schedule a golf trip during my birthday (how dare they), but he’s been doing this for years and I’m supposed to be a grown ass man right? No big deal. Of course when I know I have at least 2 presents waiting for me to open but I have to wait for him to get back from playing shank-a-potumus on some swanky golf courses…that sucks a bit. Obviously I’m joking, well not about the shank-a-potumus part but it’s not that big of a deal. Thanks again for all the birthday messages. As I tweeted at one point, moments like that are a perfect example of why the Internet is a fantastic place. Of course I was also blessed with 4 more porn/spam followers for my birthday. Clearly there needed to be some balance restored to The Force.

The point of all of that is that my birthday rocked, in part because of you, my eager-readers. So thank you. I had the idea for that video I posted in my head for a few days and decided to pull the trigger on execution the night before. Naturally I had no idea what kind of Pandora’s Box I would be opening.

In talking with Crystal last night I realized that doing that mini-vlog thing yesterday would never have crossed my mind had I not been on a video game podcast for the past couple of months.

*Tangent* Episode 68 of the Post Game Report is ready please you.

I figure what the hell, talking about video games isn’t that hard. It’s something I love. It comes somewhat naturally. Talking about myself shouldn’t be that hard right? Of course I’m talking about myself…into a camera…with a little screen looking back at me showing me how awkward I look. But that’s small potatoes. The talking part is probably the hardest thing to get over. I enjoy editing the podcast. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together to get a final product that I know other people are looking forward to is exciting. I have edited 2 montages of gameplay of Halo 2 for the fun of it. (Yes. I’m a nerd. This should come as no shock to you). And as I said, the editing was the most exciting part. Trying to get the creativity that was bubbling in my head into something that would make sense for the video was the real challenge. Now, whenever I listen to music one of the first things I do is try to figure out the best parts for the types of action I could sync from Halo gameplay into a full montage. I haven’t played Halo in months, I haven’t thought about even trying to capture footage for a montage in years, but the experience was so rewarding that it’s something I will probably never be able to purge from memory. And that’s something I don’t mind one bit.

So where is all of this going? Yes. I recorded a genuine Vlog. Does anyone else kinda cringe when they say that word out loud? Maybe it’s just the whole noob thing. Anyway, I made a response to Kerri’s uber-purse. Check it out. Be honest. God knows when I’ll do something like this again.

11 thoughts on “Is This Thing Recording?

  1. I think you did a great job! You should vlog more often! I can’t imagine having to carry all that stuff in your pockets, I think guys with the D have it hard because of all the junk we are supposed to carry at all time. Oh, and the addiction to the “crackberry,” most of us on twitter are guilty of that too ๐Ÿ™‚ I have an old cell phone that can only do texts so I use an iPhone with no cell service across my wireless network to tweet. I jump on free wifi when I can to check the tweetverse, LOL


  2. You carry all that jazz around in your pockets? I’m impressed.

    And my purse hasn’t been used to hurt anyone. Yet. (Except maybe my shoulders from carrying the foolish thing.)

    Nice VLOG, Chris. And as a filmmaker’s wife, I must also comment on the nice editing. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I’m jealous of the vloging abilities. I don’t really have anything with which I can (a) record and (b) edit such ventures. And, I’m a talker. It’s the old acting training.

    And BTW, Kiedis stopped beating me up for five seconds to watch your vlog. It was nice.

    I’ll work on your present tonight. I need assistance on it, but you’ll have it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I liked it. I like the editing and the witty commentary. I will never vlog–I don’t have the guns for it–but I definitely think you should keep on. Nice muscle!


  5. Woo hoo, great video!!! It wasn’t boring at all – it was so much better than mine where I misidentified things and collapsed into giggles.

    As much as I complain about having to lug around my big purse full of supplies, I can’t even imagine having to carry stuff around without a purse. Wow, it can’t be fun to try and stuff it all in your pockets.


  6. Awesome, dude. I lawled when you showed your guns… or is it just singular gun when it’s only one arm?

    It’s good to have a voice to go with your tweets/comments now too. When I know what someone sounds like, I usually imagine them saying whatever they’ve posted.

    Also, I couldn’t stop giggling because “Is that an insulin pen in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” kept repeating in my mind.


  7. hahah!! That was a great vlog but Lee Ann’s comments were icing on the cake! heh. I did my purse post tonight, and yours is MUCH better than mine! I was not as prepared as you. lol

    You should vlog more often!! I don’t like the word vlog. I try not to say it.


  8. Nice dude! Now we have a little slice of personality to match the awesome blog posts and tweets! I love it when people vlog – I feel like I get to know them just a bit better than before. Thanks for sharing yourself with us, and you’ve got my vote for additional vlogs!



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