It’s Happy Time!

As a sports junkie, among other drugs/passions I love me some PTI. Wilbon and Kornheiser are awesome. If you aren’t familiar with their show, Pardon the Interruption has the two of them (or other sports writers filling in as necessary) hit the top sports stories of the day with their own flair and sense of humor. With my job involving a great deal of rush hour traffic, I typically have to catch their show in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic, thankfully Sirius Radio has the hookup. At the end of their show they have a “Happy Time” segment: Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Trails. So today…it’s time to get Happy.

Happy Anniversary Pompeii. On this day in 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius (as we nerds like to say) began the Pwnage of your peaceful little town. It was not until 1595, during the construction of an aqueduct, that Pompeii was rediscovered.

Happy Birthday Cal Ripken Jr. 8 votes short of a unanimous selection into the Baseball Hall of Fame, you hold the record for the most consecutive games played with 2632 and were considered the prototype form of the Short-Stop of today. Thankfully, you played the game clean. Which we can’t say for some of the people who grew up idolizing you. (sigh).

Oh, apparently it’s Dave Chappelle’s birthday too.

Happy Trails Maria Sharapova. Ok, you’re a very attractive woman, but 10 double faults is not going to cut it in the US Open. You’re lucky to have lost 4-6, 3-6 on Sunday. I know you are reworking your serve because of your shoulder injury but I hope you do not expect to be able to coast through the first few rounds of the US Open with that kind of play. You’ll be bounced with the quickness. Please, step it up.

Oh yea.

Happy Birthday to me too.

9 thoughts on “It’s Happy Time!

  1. Now, wait for the “quarter-century” jokes to start… Oh, that was my dad, when I turned 25… Hard to believe it was almost as many years ago…


  2. is that from the same pack of poppers we used…10 years ago on new years eve? That room in your basement is a treasure trove.
    Happy Birthday



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