Beach Day 3 – Wilford

As much as I wish I could take a vacation from Wilford, he is a permanent carry-on item on any flight I take. For all the relaxation I will be experiencing this week, I will never be able to fully let go. But, Wilford is going to have to put sunblock on himself. Gross.

As previously mentioned, I’m a bit of a control freak. I thrive on order. Diabetically speaking, I don’t like to introduce a lot of variance into my routines. I guess you could call that playing it safe, but safe usually means healthy (and boring). Being at the beach means sun, sand, surf, and shitty food choices for the most part. That last one is the kicker. Normally I eat for the amount of insulin I take per meal so I can control my blood sugar throughout the day. I have received a fair bit of skepticism because of that lifestyle, but it’s what I know and it has been working for me so far.

My big issue at the beach is that eating for the insulin means that my food choices are either vary scarce, or extremely limited in quantity when we do sit down to eat. Boardwalk fries, funnel cakes, ice cream, pizza…you get the idea. It’s a nightmare.

I tried eating to the insulin last year, since this was before my awakening and revived drive towards a healthier life you can picture how much this plan wreaked of epic fail. Needless to say it didn’t go well. I’m not sure how many times I had a meeting with Bart Allen, but I know my endocrinologist would have been grossly disappointed with me. So the plan this year (for the week) is to inject for the food.

I’m still going for 3 meals a day and one light snack after dinner, but I will not be as concerned as I normally am about what I am eating. That is not to say I am going on an all out bender, more that I wont just limit myself to 2 slices of pizza. If I feel like 3, so be it. I’m not looking to turn in to a glutton, but I don’t want to punish myself on my vacation. I wont overeat because I can, but I will not feel guilty for having a full stomach after a dinner that required an extra unit or 2 of Humalog. I have nothing against a sliding scale use of insulin, but I prefer the tight control my normal diet and medication regime requires.

All the while I’ll still be meeting with Bart Allen multiple times per day to make sure I am within expected ranges pre and post-meals. And if I’m running a little high at the end of the night, I will not stress out over it like I normally would. I’d rather be at a steady 150 all week instead of trying to manage a range of 40-400 during a week of expected relaxation. I know all of these issues/concerns/whatever would likely be solved with an insulin pump among other goodies, but that’s not how I roll. For the foreseeable future, I bring an insulin pen to battle with me every day. And as much as that ice cream cone is calling out to me, it is so rarely worth the cost of admission…or the pen needle.

Have a nice day. Assuming the weather is as kick ass as expected, I know I am.

PS. There are 3 of these within 5 minutes of the spot we are staying at on the boardwalk. If ever there was a Bolus Worthy cause, this is it.

2 thoughts on “Beach Day 3 – Wilford

  1. I agree man. First of all – whatever works for you works for you, and who are we to tell you differently?

    And I think you will do great finding the balance between good control and not letting wilford be a killjoy for the vacation.



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