Beach Day 2 – The Rookery

Depending on when you are reading this, I will either be on the course or enjoying a post round of golf cheeseburger with my Dad. There are a decent number of golf courses in close proximity to Rehoboth Beach, which bodes well for me and my golf game (when it decides to show up). Of these golf courses, I am particularly fond of The Rookery. My Dad and I have been playing this course since it opened almost 10 years ago. I’ve played this course so many times, I can picture almost every hole in my sleep. For your reading pleasure, I’m going to present a hole-by-hole breakdown of this beautiful course.

My analysis of the course will be from the White tees, and assuming I know how to swing a golf club properly.

AKA The Rook

AKA "The Rook"

Hole 1. Par 4 – 385. What you don’t see is the cart path cutting across the fairway at 140 from the hole. Especially with other groups waiting to tee off behind you, pressure is high to put it in the fairway and start the round off strong.

Hole 2. Par 3 – 168. In between clubs for me, I’ll probably hit a 6 Iron with the go grip and play for the middle of the green.

Hole 3. Par 4 – 300. In theory: 7 Iron, 7 Iron is the safe and mathematical play. I’ll probably roll 5 Iron so I can play something shorter in to the green. Don’t miss the approach shot long though, mess and such behind the green.

Hole 4. Par 4 – 290. THIS is my nemesis. They tell you the tee box that it is 225 to CLEAR the water. This hole will play with your ego, machismo, testosterone (in my case). Last year I cleared the water, barely. This year with my epic Taylor Made 3 Wood Burner off the tee, this will be cake. of course, if you are feeling timid, 7 Iron off the tee to put you in range before the water. But that’s not my style.

Hole 5. Par 4 – 385. There is a big ass tree to the left of the bend on line the score card if you can see the detail on the scorecard. Aim at the second bunker and if you can play a draw off the tee, the second shot wont be nearly as long as it could be if you miss right.

Hole 6. Par 5 – 491. Cut the tree line on the right to shorten the second shot to the island green. With my new toys in the bag (270-280+ Big Dog) I plan on reaching this one in 2. If you miss left, you have almost no choice but to lay up and put your 3rd in proper range to get close to the pin.

Hole 7. Par 4 – 390. Water up the right side is always a fun reminder off the tee. Play for par, left side of the green is a safe landing zone.

Hole 8. Par 4 – 362. Straight away, narrow fairway. If you can play it long and straight (that’s what she said), birdie is not out of the realm of possibility. Even for someone like me.

Hole 9. Par 3 – 115. Perfect PW distance for me, depending on accuracy (or is it precision), Par is almost a sure thing.

Hole 10. Par 5 – 575. First, clear the water in front of the tee *cough* Dad *cough*. Missing right is not unreasonable, but the second shot needs to clear the junk in the middle of the fairway just past 200 out from the green. Add a club on your final approach since the green is elevated.

Hole 11. Par 4 – 425. Water left of the fairway really wont come in to play. Narrow fairway on this one, so play an Iron off the tee if you’re not feeling froggy.

Hole 12. Par 4 – 351. Water up the right side will come in to play if you get too frisky. 2 Iron off the tee puts me in range for 8 Iron-ish to the green. Don’t miss this one long, gross behind the green.

Hole 13. Par 5 – 466. Water way right. Of course this hole being a Par 5 and holding the Big Dog in my hands usually means I overswing and end up flirting with the water and shenanigans. If (big IF) I’m solid off the tee, it would be nice to see if I can reach this one. If I’m in range, of course I’m going for it.

Tangent: Why am I willing to take more risks on the golf course than I am in life?

Hole 14. Par 3 – 200. Long Par 3. Play for the green, not the pin. I should be able to reach this with a solid 4 Iron, depending on the wind and emotional state…we’ll see what I go with.

Hole 15. Par 3 – 140. Much more generous hole. On the scorecard it is an island, IRL there it’s on a big hill, thick grass all around so missing the green isn’t the end of the world. Depending on the location of the tees, I’ll probably play an 8 Iron with the go grip. When I’m in between clubs I have problems choking down on the longer club, mentally I can’t commit to that type of shot.

Hole 16. Par 4 – 375. There’s a big ass barn wide left (which I managed to hit the roof of a few years back). Missing long is ok, you don’t want to mess with the front bunker if the pin is in the back of this two-tiered green.

Hole 17. Par 3 – 155. Solid 7 Iron, tight green. Take a par and be happy with it.

Tangent. Holes 14, 17, and the tee box of 18 are along the main road (not really a highway) to get to the course. Last year while we were waiting on the tee box of 17 a girl in a F-150 skidded, ran through the fence to the left of our tee box and messed up her front bumper. A few of us ran over to make sure she was alright. No airbag deployed, we had her sit on the hill next to her car and call her parents. We waited until course maintaince people arrived. Hitting a tee shot with an accident right next to you is not the most nerve calming experience.

Hole 18. Par 5 – 566. I’m putting a big drive down the middle of this wide fairway and opening up a 3 wood to see how far I can get. I doubt Eagle will be in play, but I’m putting everything I have into those 2 shots. Hulk Smash.

So there you have it. Bart Allen will be along for the round, as I am a good Diabetic and I’ll be consuming gatorade throughout the day. Last time I walked 18 holes I had 4 gatorades throughout the day and finished around 110. We’ll see how the heat affects me on Tuesday (that’s today right?)

One thought on “Beach Day 2 – The Rookery

  1. Yes, it is Tuesday. Appreciate the reminder that I know nothing about golf, too.

    “Why am I willing to take more risks on the golf course than I am in life?”

    Because the golf course doesn’t talk back.
    Just sayin’.



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