Beach Day 1 – Doppelgangers

Day 1 of posting from the beach, kind of. In actuality, this post was finished 2 weeks ago. But I’ve been obsessing about how I was going to maintain my post count away from all of my eager-readers. The posts this week will likely be dated and ridiculously out of context. Considering how far ahead these things have been written, out of context will have to suffice. So, as I feel the sand between my toes, I present to you my doppelgangers.

First up is John Starks. You might remember him from NBA Eastern Conference Finals fame and “The Dunk“. Around the same time I started playing organized basketball I discovered that I looked like this guy, maybe it was the flat-top. I started wearing the #3 on my jerseys. I was short, so playing point guard was my only option. He ran the 2, so it was close enough for me. Either way, back in the day I sported a flat-top (yes, I know…) and since he did too, the stars seemed to be in perfect alignment. Thankfully I’ve moved past the awesome flat-top.

John Starks. I used to look like this guy...

John Starks. I used to look like this guy...

My other chief doppelganger is Chris Daughtry of American Idol fame. Thankfully he has a decent music career beyond the days of Simon, Paula and ‘Yo Dawg.’ Honestly I don’t really see the match, but people have mentioned it enough times that I just roll with it. I think it has to do with the facial hair.


Stubble ftw

Once I started working on the road for my job I stopped the clean shaving business. 1. Transporting shaving supplies, especially by plane is a hassle 2. I just use the trimmer for the top of my head all over for a universal stubble/buzz 3. People I would encounter on the road seemed to listen to me when I had a beard…Sad, I know. So the facial hair (at times) along with the similar complexion of skin color brings up some “hey, you know who you look like?” comments directed to Mr. It’s Not Over.

Lucky for you...I dont sing.

Lucky for you...I don't sing.

Finally, and this is probably no surprise to most of you reading this, my most cited doppelganger is Vin Diesel. Mr. Fast and Furious. A combination of skin tone, no hair, the sunglasses, and my Hulk-Like physique 😉 and I am a dead ringer. None of these characteristics are because I want to look like him. I lift because I’m too lazy to run, I shave my head because it’s quick and easy to maintain, my Dad is white, my Mom is black so that solves the skin color thing. And I look like a bad ass with the Oakleys. As far as I’m concerned, he is emulating ME.

I live my life a quarter mile at a

I live my life a quarter mile at a

Yea. We're buff.

Yea. We're buff.

3 thoughts on “Beach Day 1 – Doppelgangers

  1. I don’t know what I heard more when we met new people during college – “hey, you know who your friend Chris looks like…Vin Diesel” or “Oh, so like, he can’t eat sugar and stuff?”


  2. Don’t go there!

    Ok, I am trying. Grasping at strings here.
    I was sold instantly with the whole Vin Diesel in a ’70 Dodge Charger.
    I mean. Come on.

    But until I see you in one? I don’t know…

    Great list.


  3. So Mr. Vin Diesel I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that you can’t give shots in your arms? Can you? Due to swimming on team for my entire life I have too much muscle in my legs and my sites reject instantly and insulin shoots right back out if its injected!!



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