3rd Round Coverage

So how was your 4th? I spent the day-side of my 4th hanging out with my Dad and around 70 professional golfers at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD. The third round of this tournament, hosted by Tiger Woods was this Saturday. I had grand plans of tweeting from the tournament which as you will read were immediately squashed, but that didn’t stop me from keeping some rather detailed and somewhat humorous notes of my day. So keep your head down, make a steady backswing and focus on the release of the golf club as I take you through my day.

First things first, I have uploaded my pictures from the day to my flickr account, here’s a direct link to the goodies.

Next up, it’s time to get ready for battle. Here’s the rundown of what I took to the 12 hour adventure.

VT Titleist hat (VT ball marker clip attached to brim)
Maroon Nike Dry-Fit shirt

Drawstring lockerbag containing:
BlackBerry Curve
32gb iPod Touch and busted ass Apple-issued headphones
Pop tarts, strawberry x2
Bart Allen
Canon Powershot SD300

The following tweets were or would have been posted had I decided to sneak in my BlackBerry. Apparently the whole “turn in your phones” thing was based on the honor system, ironically like scoring yourself in golf. There’s a lot here, but I was out for 12 hours, what did you expect?

Decided against the flip flops since we would be standing/walking for the better part of 10 hours today.

Out at 6:20. Bus at 7:10. Course at 7:25

Houses are massive out hurr. Like driving through Great Falls, only richer.

Objective #1: see David Feherty and catch his lucky charms

Objective #2. twirl Gary McCord’s mustache without him noticing

Objective #3 have Steve Williams take my camera in an angry rage

Annnd they make you turn in your phones. But they didn’t search my bag or my pockets…honor system FTL

Since I am twitter-less, the rest of these entries will be in 140 character bursts, until the end. Imagine #attgolf after each one of these.

You can have my bb, but you cannot take my iPod! #braveheart

Destination: between the greens of 10 and 18

But first, the stands on #1 tee box. We decided to wait it out here for a while (7:48), last group tees off at 1:50. Plan is to munch on a little snack until the last group, get lunch and then wander around for the rest of the day

I miss my blackberry. Tiger can’t spring for wi-fi up in this piece?

Nick Watney looks like he’s 12 years old

Kevin Stadler. Nothing junior about this baby walrus. #evidencethatgolfisnotasport

Of course 3 other people in these stands have their phones out. Why did I turn mine in if they didn’t even search me or my bag?

Ricky “bobby” Barnes and his half a hat in the house. #iwannadrivefast

Have a feeling that non-white golfers get a louder applause in general re: one of these things is not like the other

Same theory for left-handed golfers…

I think mike weir has the first security detail of the early tee times. Perks of the green jacket?

Hottie count as of 9:00 – 3

0920. Hottie count ++

0930. Hottie count ++. 7:50 group finishing up on 9 at the same time. Under 2 hours for the first group. Solid.

Seems like a lot of players are using Taylor Made Drivers. Yea market share

1002. I am suffering from twitter/blackberry withdrawal. That must explain the shaking, not D related. I checked.

Mullet of the round goes to Charley Hoffman. Wow

Aaron Baddeley in the early running for best pants

Crowds starting to get bigger. Rocco and Couples will get big cheers. Hottie count +=2

Interesting to watch crowd size vary depending on the group pairings. Vijay is up next and people are piling in

Vijay on the tee, crowds were bigger for rocco and couples. Hottie count +=3

Everyother golfer is from vegas or Scottsdale. Whooda thunk it…

Boo weekly just walked behind the stands, signing autographs as he walked. Nice to see these guys give back to fans and not act like royalty

DL3 in the house. Dude has the most calm walk ever.

Hottie count -=2. smokers. Ugh.

Tiger just crossed the tee to go to the range. Tons of people following. Dude is JACKED.

Lucas glover, us open champ on the tee. Big cheers.

Big big cheers for Anthony kim and jim furyk. Little man is a rockstsr here. But he’s got nothin on tiger

6 hours later….tiger time

Tiger wide left off the tee. Loudest cheers (obviously). Finally time for some lunch.

Metlife blimp spotted. Hotdog and chips secured. Ready to camp out at 10 & 18 greens

1350-1550. Camped out at 10 green. Even closer to all the big boys. Very cool. Still miss my blackberry

David Feherty and Bobby Clampett in the house.

Hottie count increased by a factor of 2 to 2.5 depending on personal preference. nice

Nearly hit by a 300+ yard drive (Boo Weekly). Walked across 18 fairway, didn’t try to take any grass

Home at 6pm. What a day

So there you have it. It’s one of those things you can’t really appreciate until you try it yourself. As a somewhat avid golfer, watching the pros go at it generates an entirely different appreciation for what they are able to do with the golf ball. I had a freakin blast.

Tigers Golf Bag. I was THAT close to it.

Tiger's Golf Bag. I was THAT close to it.

BTW, Tiger won the tournament (that he was hosting). Such a gracious host…I know 😉

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