Three Day Weekend Approaching

With the 3 day weekend fast approaching, it feels like my mind is already taking a vacation. And in a continuing effort to NOT finish editing my more killjoy posts I have in the works, I have some (more) quick hits for you before we all attempt to blow off our fingers and light up those stupid snake things on our driveways.

I have tickets to the AT&T National (Hosted by some guy you might have heard of) this weekend. The tickets are only valid for Saturday OR Sunday. I think my Dad and I will be going Saturday so I can record PGR Sunday Night, expect a post chronicling my fun the following week.

Speaking of PGR, the latest episode, 60 is ready for public consumption. If you listened to Episode 59 (thank you) you might have noticed some audio quality issues. Having listened to the newest one, those issues have been addressed. Here’s a link for the direct download, it runs about 90 minutes. Let me know what you think.

I need some recommendations for other blogs to read, specifically non-Diabetes Blogs. I would like to increase the Bolus Worthy list I have on my Blogroll but I don’t know where to go for possible additions. If you have any that you enjoy, please let me know.

I have noticed an increasing number of hits from Google Reader and other blog aggregator sites. Yes, I obsess over the blog stats. I like to know what is resonating with my eager-readers. Even if this blog is for me, I would like to think that we have formed a relationship where you expect a certain level of quality from me (posts like this excluded). Anywho , the hits from Google Reader and its brethren indicate that people have willingly subscribed to my text. Cool. Almost like I have fans. How many fans do you need before you start practicing giving your autograph? Right now my signature is borderline Doctor considering how impossible it is to decipher.

Finally. Virginia Five-O now have the authority to issue tickets for texting while driving. Some of you may know that I am guilty of twittering while driving. twiving? drittering? Yes, I am addicted to my BlackBerry. I for one, welcome our Skynet overlords. Either way, I am equal parts not worried and not excited about this. If I get pulled over for skipping to the next song on my iPod Touch…I…Will…Be…PISSED.

Since my TWiG will be published Friday I shall say it now: Have a safe holiday weekend. I look forward to reading about all of your shenanigans. Legal, safe, wholesome shenanigans. But shenanigans none the less.


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