John Locke

Dear Redacted Name of Uninformed Diabetes Police Squad.

Please do not suggest that there are foods that I am “not allowed to have.” Proper management of my Diabetes is about portion control. I could have just chocolate for breakfast if I chose. It’s simply a matter of controlling the portion and balancing the sugary goodness with the appropriate amount of insulin. Of course, having just chocolate for breakfast would not be the most nutritionally satisfying meal, but that’s beside the point.

There are no foods that are “off limits” to me just because my Pancreas doesn’t work. There are plenty that I must carefully consider among my food choices, foods that can cause my blood sugars to fluctuate more extremely than I would prefer, foods that I rarely eat because it makes managing this relentless disease more complicated than it already is. But as I’ve said, I choose not to eat particular foods based on my own decision regarding managing Diabetes not because of Diabetes says I can’t.

You might ask why don’t I bother to correct you. The answer is simple: I’m tired. I’m tired of trying to constantly remind people that this disease is not a disability. I’m tired of hearing all the misstatements made by the uninformed and uneducated, and equally unaware that they are such. I’m tired of the restrictions people place on me based off of the little knowledge they have of what Diabetes is, how it works, and how I manage it. I try to inform those that seek knowledge, but people are quick to jump to conclusions that they already believe to be true. It’s hard to stop a train once it’s moving full steam, educating the uninformed is an exhausting process.

This doesn’t mean that I will stop informing and clarifying what this is and more importantly what this isn’t. This doesn’t mean that I will let these statements continue without a proper fact check. But do me a favor and try not to assume everything you hear is accurate, there are plenty out there that know not of what they speak.

So, while I appreciate your concern, please allow me to respond by quoting my good friend John Locke:

“Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”

Without Wax,

5 thoughts on “John Locke

  1. I have to write a post about the whole disability thing. I don’t like to think of it as such, but it certainly disables me at times.

    As for the food police, I don’t seem to get myself around too many folks who make assumptions about what I can or can’t eat. Or maybe I just filter that out. There are people who have tried to accommodate me by offering sugar-free versions of certain foods, but I usually graciously thank them because I can’t expect everyone to know how I prefer SF popsicles and SF pickle relish, but I turn my nose up at SF baked goods and SF ice cream.


  2. Love it! That’s exactly how I feel at work with this one particular unnamed person. I’m glad she’s kinda anti-social so its easy to avoid her at work parties and such, where I drink beers, eat cake and chips, and tell loud jokes – all things I’m sure she *knows* diabetics shouldn’t do!

    Love how you bring it around to Locke, too – perfect!



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