I Can Haz Podcast?

Last month I was happy to announce the next step in whatever it is that I’m doing here with my Editorial Position at Talking About Games. My weekly gaming posts have been a part of the featured content among the other news articles, games reviews and other gamey tidbits of joy. Last Monday I received an offer to take things to the next next-level.

I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow I’ve gone from blogger, to “writer”, to Podcaster.

The Post Game Report is a podcast featured on Talking About Games (TAG). They often bring in members of the community to participate with the regular hosts to talk about recent gaming news along with topics discussed among the community’s forums. It is a podcast for the people, by the people. And now I am one of the co-hosts.

Some context for how (I think) this happened. As you know, I have been published on TAG for over a month, and the reception has been quite positive. My gaming posts here, on the Consequence receive 12-15 page views, on TAG the fewest number of views is over 125. The material is more relevant to that audience, it’s a simple truth. Considering I haven’t been fired (from my non-paying job), I’m operating under the assumption that I’m doing something right.

Over the past couple of weeks the big-wigs of TAG have been hosting what have been affectionately called “I want to meet you behind the middle school” sessions. It’s an inside joke, but the point of the sessions is to have the higher ups of Talking About Games actually talk with the members that fuel the site. I was actually a little skeptical about the first session, not knowing what to expect of an online meet-n-greet. Much to my surprise, the first session lasted over 3 hours and was in every way a success. I even managed to contribute some meaningful points to the discussion.

Between my participation in the “middle school sessions” (of which there have been 3 in the past 3 weeks) and my featured articles, the movers and shakers of TAG extended an offer for me to be on PGR. So I bought a mic for my PC, downloaded skype (add me: iam.spartacus) and tried not to freak the F out.

In what I thought was an attempt to test out my mic and how things would go in future recordings of PGR, I was actually brought in in the middle of a recording of the Gamer Husbands Podcast. I literally joined the discussion mid sentence. They even had me jump in and offer some final thoughts to the topic of the moment before my formal introduction. I think I held my own, offered some meaningful points to the talk and overall had a great time. You can download the episode here or stream it from the main page, I show up around minute 38.

My first episode of the Post Game Report was recorded last Thursday and should be available later this week, if you follow me on twitter you’ll know when it’s up. I’ve also updated my sidebar with a little icon and link to the PGR page. Since that episode was recorded, I’ve been officially been offered a position on TAG’s Community Team. Basically I’ll have an open invitation to future recordings of PGR and I’ll be a contact person for community members if they need anything. I see it as something similar to being a shift manager at a restaurant.

I’ve said it before, but it is a real honor be offered a co-host position on the podcast. I never asked for my articles to be featured on TAG but my words were strong enough to earn an offer of published editorials. Those written words and my contributions “behind the middle school” have given me this fantastic opportunity. Who knows were this will lead, but I intend to enjoy the ride.

Like I said in the opening: Blogger…Writer…Podcaster. No chance I saw any of this coming 6 months ago.

So, to answer my post’s question/title: Yes, I can haz podcast.

Credit where credit is due – the picture for this lolcat was found at this flickr account (I lol’d)

5 thoughts on “I Can Haz Podcast?

  1. Sweet, we are up and coming recognizable figures in very different nerd worlds! I think you win on the readership factor right now



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