Public Service Announcement

You’ve heard people whispering about it. Speculation is exponentially increasing on a daily basis. Nearly everyone is a suspect these days of using. We’re all guilty until proven innocent, and even then once you’re accused you can never truly remove the label once you’re associated. If you haven’t tried it, you know someone that has. If you have tried it, you know how quickly it overcomes you. Once you are hooked, there is almost no turning back. Of course, I’m talking about Kerroids.

Kerroids n. (sometimes referred to as Kerri-oids, Kerrorism, being Kerrorized, Sixuntilmetes) applies to blogs, youtube videos, and lolcats among other distractions you find on the Internet. Once used, an immediate and significant boost in traffic is noticed. Similar to the “Digg effect” but with more Noo-maaaah and less Internet flame wars. Kerroids can last anywhere from 24 hours to 5 days. Please consult your webmaster if Kerroids remains past a week, you might suffer from an upgraded diagnosis of blogging called “writing.”

Seriously though. Kerroids is real. I’ve talked about this privately with Kerri about being the so-called “big fish” in the D-blogosphere. Being humble she simply said that she’s not a big fish just a “big mouth.” But how many people do you know that will take on Hannah Montana? There is some truth to my big fish statement. It helps to have one voice to rely on that we the DOC can get behind and say “yea…what she said”. But just as easily as we support her, we’ve all seen what she does for everyone else. This is a community, this is a family. Kerri simply sits at the head of our round table (whether or not she will admit it).

I’m not sure if I’ve told anyone else, but Kerri is the reason I started my blog. She has been an inspiration to me, just as likely as she is to a great number of us. I can only hope to have that kind of impact on someone else 4 years from now.

I know this is my personal blog and each posts reflects what I am feeling, not necessarily what has become my primary audience “wants” to read. I don’t rely on page views as a measure of impact of my words, page clicks do not always equal a fully read post. Comments are a better indicator for me, since that usually means that what I’ve written was moving and motivating enough to yield a response. But, if page views are any indication of what Kerroids can do for you I’ll give you this example: my origin story was the first piece of content I wrote for this blog, it’s been posted since the first day (January 1, 2009) and has 158 views. Yesterday’s post received 128 views in the first day, and the total number of views for my entire blog totaled 268 page views. My previous max for the day was a mere 118 views. Like I said, it’s not about the page views, but it’s a decent way to see how my words are resonating with the rest of the Internet.

The real question is how many of these new readers will want to come back? Is my story one worth visiting on a daily basis?

Most of the time I stand on my little soapbox and scream for the mountain top. Yesterday I got to stand on top of the mountain and be heard by (virtually) everyone.

BTW. Other BEDs (Blog Enhancing Drugs) to watch out for include but are not limited to: Tabuloutus, The Scottie-Js, Leeannthillies, and CALPumpamine. There are a lot of stimulants out there, be careful you don’t overload on too many.

PS. For those of you that respond to visual aids better, check this out. Kerroids in action.

My Blog on Kerroids (click to see a larger image)

My Blog on Kerroids (click to see a larger image)

4 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. You are too much, Chris. Seriously. But thanks for the very kind shout-out. I love this community of people and I’m proud as hell to be a part of it.

    FYI – I think people should come back and read you daily!!

    (You might want to put some creme on those Kerroids. Before they flare up again. ;0) )


  2. LOL.
    Great post Chris.
    She sure knows her way around the interweb via the DOC.
    She’s pretty darn cool to boot. Funny and man, she Can write. 😉

    Thanks for the mention. Love it. CALpumpamine. Nice.
    You should include a “new DOC word” in Every post.

    Keep up the great blog, amazing posts! Definitely a must read everyday.
    (I don’t always comment, sorry but I DO Always read)


  3. OK, this is ridiculously late, right? You’d think I could at least stay on top of my blog-reading since I don’t even have a job, but somehow things haven’t been working out like that.

    Anyhoo, I second Scott’s thanks for the mention. I’m glad you’ve gotten a little bump in traffic from my corner of the tubz 🙂


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