Tee It Up

Before Spring started up I received an email from Avalanche HQ (actual job, not to be confused with the Shinra Corporation) talking about the company golf league. Last year I was on the road for what felt like my entire first year of work, including most of golf season. Needless to say, I didn’t get a chance to participate. Now that I’ve been relocated to Shinra, I had the opportunity to sign up and participate. With the recent acquisition of a new driver, 3 wood, Hokie Bird Head Cover, and American Diabetes Association golf towel; I am ready to take my game to the next level. I’ve set a goal of being able to consistently break 90 by the end of the year. If I get a chance to play (at least) every Wednesday with other Shinra operatives, I think I have what it takes to meet that goal.

Over the past 2 months, I’ve been able to play with other coworkers a total of 3 times. Nearly every Wednesday it has either previously rained heavily, or was raining heavily at the time. Mother nature is not on my side in 2009. I managed to sneak in 9 holes yesterday just before a torrential downpour. Below is my scorecard from yesterday’s round. It is quite pathetic, but I need to keep a record of the state of my game to see 1. if I am improving and b. where I need more work.

Putting Fail.

Putting Fail.

As you can see, putting is not my strong suit. Sometimes the cup is the size of a manhole, other days it’s the size of a thimble.

To give you an idea of what you just read, the first row is my score for the hole, not too impressive. The second number is the number of strokes it took to be on the green (fringe does not count) so I can see how many putts it took me to finish each hole. The next row, “Drive” is pretty self explanatory. No indication of where my tee shots went, but I like to tell how I am doing off the tee, especially with my Driver and 3 Wood. “Out” is how far I am on my approach to the green, I usually record that number first, and go back after I am finished to calculate how far I went off the tee. The final row is my score to par, again rather pathetic this round.

Of particular note is Hole #4. Simply a monster drive. Landed in the middle of the fairway about 3 feet from the fairway 100 yard marker. It was a thing of beauty. Ended up with a par because my PW to the green went a bit long. Oh well.

On #9, I duffed my drive and hit 3 wood from the very front of the fairway for my next shot. Bombed it 205 yards. My next shot (3 wood again) was about 2 yards short of the green, flying around 210 yards before settling off the side of the green. I seem to say it every time I use that club, but it was worth EVERY PENNY.

As I said, my goal is to break 90 consistently. On a typical course par 72-74, bogey golf would be 90-92. I have what it takes to play better than bogey golf physically. Unfortunately I have a lot of work to do mentally, which is where my real challenge lies. And to prove that I have a little talent, here’s a link to my previous round. Of note: 4 pars for the round including 3 consecutive pars.

I can do this.

PS. I know how well my gaming posts go over with most of my readers here, would you all be curious to see analysis of my future rounds? I value your feedback (read: I thrive on clicks).

4 thoughts on “Tee It Up

  1. Chris – I use a website called Golf Link (www.golflink.com) to track my stats for improvement. It takes a bit of time to input the data after your round, but the analytics are pretty good – GIR, Putts, Driving Dist, Club off Tee, Saves, etc.



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