It Sucks

Last week I made an impulse purchase. After reading Haidee Merrit’s guest post over at The Butter Compartment, I felt obligated to do my part. You can imagine how surprised I was to see a rather uniquely designed package come in the mail on Saturday, personalized message and all.

This thing really is a treat (pun intended). While I may not have first hand experience with every single topic brought up, almost every page rings true with my time with Wilford.

Of course, I tried to put into words how cool this book was to my family. I even tried to show off a few of the pages to see what kind of reaction they would have. For the most part I got a blank stares. Sure, some of the jokes are easy to get for Diabetics and non-Diabetics alike, but they don’t hit home if you don’t have the proper context or prior knowledge. It’s just another one of those things we have to deal with as members of the Wilford Brimley Fan Club. We can try as hard as we can to explain what is going on regarding our Diabetes. We can write blog posts, carefully edit vlogs, participate in open forums and even write books about everything that we go through but unless you experience the day-to-day grind there really is no way to perfectly describe what is going on. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the panic that ensues from having a low or the frustration that results from constant highs. Obviously that isn’t going to stop me from trying, and it shouldn’t stop any of us. The only way progress can be made is if we continue to promote awareness.

Check out Haidee’s post and if you have some disposable income, do yourself a favor and pick this up.

PS. Lee Ann is cool.

6 thoughts on “It Sucks

  1. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope to get the book soon.

    I’ve “passed off” a book about diabetes before. It has not made its way around to all those I think should read it yet but so far so good with reaction/response to it.

    And I totally agree, “…but unless you experience the day-to-day grind there really is no way to perfectly describe what is going on.”
    How true.
    We in the DOC stick together because no one else can truly know.


  2. I’m thrilled that you bought Haidee’s book, it arrived so soon, and with a personal message, AND that you liked it!

    As for family, I tried to get a certain member of my family who I thought needed to be schooled, books about some of the stuff I’ve dealt with over the years. The request was disregarded though. It did leave me with quite a bitter taste – like, “You love me, but you can’t be bothered to read a book about this issue that’s really affecting my life?” I was pissed. It was only a passing reflection of a much larger problem though, and I gave up on that relationship some years ago.

    Thanks for the props, yo. I lawled 🙂


  3. Thanks so much for that impulsive purchase, Chris, and glad to hear the book hit home. I’m working on getting a 2nd book out at the end of the summer; funnier, I think. I love that you liked the envelope too!!! Its all in the details. Stay in touch, Haidee



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