The Boss

So I’m not married. And I don’t have any kids. Which means that it is somewhat reasonable to say that last night was one of the greatest experiences in my entire life. Ladies and Gentlemen…The heart-stopping, pants-dropping, house-rocking, earth-shaking, booty-quaking, Viagra-taking, love-making –Le-gen-dary E – Street – Band!

I really don’t have the focus to type in complete sentences. I still have an ear-to-ear grin on my face and will likely have it for the rest of the week. So I’ll present some impressions in bullet form.

  • I did not sit down once he took the stage. I did not care if everyone else in the Section (421) sat down, you DO NOT sit down for The Boss. This was my first time seeing him, and I know that much.
  • So he took signs requesting songs from fans, and played a few of the ones he selected. I’m not sure how often he does this, but it was pretty amazing. Considering how many albums he’s released, there was a lot to choose from.
  • Saw people from age 9 to 90 on the big screen. Which was cool.
  • Born to Run finished the first set. Baptism by Awesome. Confirmed.
  • My dad’s college roommate was somewhere in Section 102. Apparently he has been to over 30 shows.
  • Another family friend was on the floor, she has seen him every year since 1982.
  • Among the requested, and played songs was ‘Blinded By The Light.’ Now I know this will date both you, and me but I did not know that he originally wrote that song. I learned something that night.
  • Regarding Wilford: Pre-Baptism (138), Post-Baptism (304). Bruce needed a bolus. I lol’d.
  • As previously mentioned throughout the blog, I am not the most social butterfly. I have not been to many concerts, but I can safely say that everything before, and everything after this concert is nothing compared to what I was a part of Monday night. Amazing.


3 thoughts on “The Boss

  1. I’m not a big fan, but he made a surprise appearance at a U2 concert I went to in 1987 (talk about dating myself…) which was pretty frikkin cool and definitely memorable. Glad you found the experience so inspiring. Music is power.


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