Press ‘1’ To Continue

Despite my occasional rants against my health insurance, I must be sure to make a clear distinction between my insurance provider (*Insurance Company Redacted*) and my Mail-Order Prescription service. For the record, they rock. Of course this post wouldn’t be any fun if everything was completely lovey-dovey. With that being said, I do have a bone to pick.

Allow me to demonstrate the typical order of operations involved in refilling a prescription.

Depending on the medication, whatever is left is mentally calculated into proper lead time for standard shipping. If I’ve reached the remainder, it’s time to refill.

*NOTE: apparently this online service is not available after 8pm Monday through Friday, after 4pm Saturday, and never available on Sunday. Yes, this online service isn’t available. Apparently these people have never heard of a queue before.

If refilled, medication arrives in 2-5 business days. Insulin arrives almost immediately, dried goods will show up on a Thursday if the refill is placed and confirmed on a Monday.

FSA substantiation requests eventually arrive in my inbox and I validate my expenses and everyone gets on their merry way.

*NOTE: I’m still waiting for a substantiation request from a prescription refilled 2 weeks ago. Obviously this is nothing new. Just frustrating.

Now, this is a fairly fluid process. I refill the prescriptions when necessary and the force maintains its balance. That is unless I receive a phone call from said prescription service asking me if I want to refill a specific prescription. Excuse me?

I’m not sure what kind of automated system they have that predicts the frequency of use of my insulin pen needles, but someone should double check that code. I think you forgot to carry a 1, or left in an extra decimal place. Now I don’t necessarily mind the friendly notice about prescriptions available for refill, but when I press ‘2’ because I do not want to refill said medication I do not want a stern reminder that I should be taking my medication “as ordered by my physician.” You know what? I’ve been following the doctor’s orders for the past 6+ years, I know something about taking my medication as ordered. Having a damn machine tell me that I’m not following the doctor’s orders was a bit alarming. Really? Really automated phone call? WTF would you know about insulin injections? You are a sequence of 1s and 0s. I’m sure I’m taking this a bit too far, but someone wrote the script for that phone call, and they should be fired.

When I need a refill: I will call you. Not the other way around.

2 thoughts on “Press ‘1’ To Continue

  1. “I’m sure I’m taking this a bit too far, but someone wrote the script for that phone
    call, and they should be fired”

    Never be too annoyed for this kind of activity because automation rarely has the human touch 🙂



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