Yo Mama

I’m not really a fan of hallmark holidays. I don’t like being told when to spend my money. Of course, if you are an eager-reader of this blog, you know I don’t need much motivation to spend money. This past weekend was Mother’s Day. A day among the top of hallmark holidays, simply because mothers are awesome.

I had been thinking about any potential gifts of tangible value to get my mom for the weekend, but I couldn’t think of anything that I thought she would actually use/enjoy. So I went to the escape hatch and went with the gift card. I talked to my sister about stores and we settled on Barnes and Noble and Macy’s. Since Jeanette had to leave the night before to get back to Williamsburg, I picked up a card (from both of us) and braved the mall on the Saturday before Mother’s Day to pick up the Macy’s gift card.

Initially Jeanette and I had agreed that $50 each would be sufficient. But feeling guilty that we were going with the gift card route, I didn’t think $50 would cut it. So I raised the stakes a bit, ended up with $150 at Macy’s and $50 at Barne. I’m not listing the amount to brag about my disposable income or size of my paycheck…just to put things in context. When it comes to gift giving, I don’t think it’s a matter of spoiling people, more of spending what is required (within my means of course). I’m sure next year I’ll be able to find something for significantly less, but will mean significantly more. For now, this will have to do. I have other examples of somewhat extraordinary gift giving expenses of mine in the near future, likely in tune with Jeanette’s Spring Commencement ceremony from William and Mary. Needless to say, when I choose to make a statement, I am heard. Loud and clear.

To bring things back to a slightly more humorous tone, when Jeanette and i signed the card for my mom she put a couple heartfelt sentences in there about how lucky and blessed we are etc. My response? “I’m not nearly as poetic as she is. Happy Mothers Day -Christopher” It fits in line with my sense of humor, for which I have my mom in part to thank. She knows I care, I just have a unique way of showing it.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

3 thoughts on “Yo Mama

  1. Awe! Cool pic:)
    I think it’s awesome what you did for your mom. My brother’s were el cheapo with my Mom’s gifts. Needless to say I had to step it up. Thanks got sharing.



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