I believe the term is “burning a hole in your pocket.” Basically I have an issue when it comes to saving money. The act of saving money isn’t difficult for me, but when I have my eyes set on a purchase, there are favorable odds that I will commit to it in no time. That doesn’t mean that I don’t do my research before hand, but if my mentality ever reaches “maybe” then it becomes a certainty very quickly. So, I’ve had my eyes set on a new TV for a few months. I finally put the pieces in motion to make it a reality this weekend. I’m quite proud of myself.

First some back story. I live with my parents, in These Troubled Times (drink!) cheap rent is nothing to scoff at. While I am a grown man and all that independent jazz, I respect the fact that I’m not paying for the roof over my head. So while I don’t necessarily need “approval” for the things I do, I like run major purchases by my parents. Like a co-signer for a lease. It’s my money, and I can do whatever I want with it, but maybe it’s a way of showing some respect by keeping my Dad in the loop. I actually convinced my Dad to help me find a PlayStation 3 on eBay by selling the Blu-ray feature. He’s now officially addicted to the Blu. As a result, I was able to keep the PS3 on the main TV: a 56″ Plasma. It’s sexy.

My most recent television is not terrible. 35″, 1080i, 1 HDMI port. It did the trick. But I felt the need to channel my inner Beyonce, it was time for an upgrade. I had been eying the Sony Bravia series of televisions for a few months, gave Best Buy the eyeball test, and settled on the 40″ XBR model. I waited patiently each week to see if a major sale was coming through the pipes, in hopes of making the most prudent purchase possible. While I was waiting for the right price, I had to put the pieces in position to get the co-signature on the purchase as well. With my sister moving into a new apartment for the next two years of Grad School at UMD, she will need proper furnishings. Hopefully spending as little as possible to fill out her new digs. *Lightbulb*

“Hey Jeanette, would you like my TV?”
((As Mr. Burns)) “Excellent”

If my sister takes my TV, how am I supposed to pwn noobs in COD4? I guess I’ll have to get a new TV of my own. After reminding everyone that I was graciously donating my TV to the cause, I made a weekend trip to Best Buy to find out that my desired TV was discounted $600. Apparently the newer model is en route and they needed to clear inventory. Fine, I’ll take a massive discount. The final puzzle piece was a ridiculous 3 year, 0% interest financing option for any purchase over $799. I guess these guys are desperate to sell inventory. Now I know all of this is really unnecessary. I didn’t need a new television, but as a media junkie these types of things are always on my mind. And since I’m not spending money keeping a girlfriend happy, I might as well make sure my arcade is in a good mood.

I’ve included some pictures of the unboxing and a general layout of the man-cave. I need another tower for my Blu Ray movies and PS3 games. It never ends.

Step 1: Cut a hole in the box

Step 1: Cut a hole in the box

Apparenty this is the manual. I wouldnt know. Men dont read manuals.

Apparenty this is the manual. I wouldn't know. Men don't read manuals.

Sitting atop its throne in the man-cave.

Sitting atop its throne in the man-cave.

Megan Fox in 1080p is a thing of beauty.

Megan Fox in 1080p is a thing of beauty.

Optimus Prime and the clutter that is my movie collection.

Optimus Prime and the clutter that is my movie collection.

On a lighter note, I had a pretty decent weekend despite the crap weather. Melody, a friend from college moved back to Northern VA, so I got to catch up with her. It’ll be nice to see a familar face from time to time. You know, interact with actual people. Also, it turns out Jessie doesn’t hate me, and is still excited to go to Stephen’s wedding with me. For all but 3 or 4 of you, you have no idea what I’m talking about, but that’s not entirely important. Finally, I caught up with uploading pictures for Diabetes365. Yes, I’m still remembering to take a picture each day. Uploading is a separate battle of the wills.

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