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In case you haven’t noticed, I have an obsession with video games. It’s probably unhealthy, but there are worse things in the world to be addicted to. Gaming is a part of who I am. As stated in my twitter profile “I work to fund my arcade.”

When I started this blog, I made it a point to write about some video game topic each week. I do my best to stay current, commenting on the latest developments in the industry. Often these developments have motivated me to 1000 word epic journeys into whatever is directly affecting my gamerscore. If you managed to make it to the end of those posts, thanks. Now I know that my gaming posts haven’t really connected with my primary readers of this blog, and I don’t fault anyone reading this for that. Everyone has interests that don’t often match with the rest of the world. We are after all, unique snowflakes. But I still make it a point to post a gaming related post every week because gaming is as much a part of me as Diabetes is, of course by choice not by internal organ mutiny.

Since my gaming posts don’t really connect with my primary audience here, I decided put my gaming posts on (TAG). TAG is a gaming community site, and IMO one of the best. While I’m not one to frequent message boards, the content they offer is solid, specifically their podcasts. Needless to say, the response I have gotten from my gaming posts over there has been nothing short of awesome. I was even recognized with ‘Blog Post of the Week’ twice in one month. As I’ve said before, comments and feedback make the world go round, and seeing that my words have resonated with so many other people means a lot.

Which brings me to the juicy part of this post:

Direct Message from Jay Van Beveren
Hey Chris… would you send me an email at ((redacted))? I’d like to talk to you about an idea I have.
Jay Van Beveren / Skittlesdfw

After a little discussion on the logistics, I will be a featured writer on Talking About Games. My gaming posts that go up every Friday (here) will also be a front page feature on their site…


I’d like to think my blog has been well received although I know I haven’t really made it until I receive my first piece of hate mail. Then I’ll know I have arrived…but I digress. I never had any aspirations of becoming a games journalist or anything of that ilk. I just love video games. This is a big honor. The fact that my words, my thoughts have opened up this kind of opportunity is really exciting. My first contribution to their site should be going up later this week and weekly from then on.

I am in fact, Spartacus.

5 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. Way to go Chris!

    I’ve always enjoyed your writing, and am pretty much guaranteed a chuckle with each post, so in my humble opinion (does anyone actually TYPE that out anymore?!) this is very well deserved.

    And if you want, I can pull off some totally unauthentic sort of hate mail to make you feel better (there’s some weird logic for ya!). 🙂



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