Gathering TWiGs: April

Thirty days has September, April, June, and November. Another month, another set of posts focused on a particularly expensive hobby of mine. Here’s a list of the gaming related posts for the past month. Comment now, and receive not 1 but 2 free hugs. Act in the next 17 minutes and I’ll toss in a third hug at no extra cost.

Believe. (1039)
“Everyone knows that a Pokemon MMO would be unbelievably successful, and yet this same group of everyone knows that it will never happen. It’s the mythical beast that we pursue in our dreams. It’s the unattainable nirvana that we as gamers would hope to see become a reality in our lifetime.”

Reading is Fundamental (903)
“It’s a bit weird to think that a video game can be the genesis for literature, even b-level science fiction. But developers that put the time and effort into creating a solid story for the game have an opportunity to continue the story through other mediums and keep that ever-important mind share in their consumers. Considering how quickly we can jump from game to game, our mind share is a terrible thing to waste.”

Deja Vu All Over Again (630)
“Do you remember the original Nintendo Entertainment System? Of course you do. Do you remember what it took to get that thing to work once it started acting a fool? Of course you do. Everyone had their patent pending techniques to get that little Grey Box of Might to function for just one more night. Those were the days. Of course it’s nice to see that the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Grand Opening (916)
“Occasionally out of the mediocrity a few gems can rise above the rest, while still being a basic clone they offer a worthwhile gaming experience instead of fading into oblivion only to be forgotten by the next big thing. Open world games are one such genre that has seen its fair share of clones and half-assed attempts. For every Grand Theft Auto there’s a Godfather Part 2. For every Spider-Man 2, there’s a Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. It takes a sincere effort to deliver something unique enough to be remembered, but familiar enough to capture the eye of the less informed gamer.”


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