SugarFree Spotlight: Lizzy D.

Lizzy and I were roommates for my final year at Virginia Tech. I was quite fortunate to find a roommate on such short notice. Naturally my parents had some initial apprehension about me living with a girl, but I figured the only major difference from living with a bunch of guys is that I would be slightly more courteous about sharing the bathroom. Turns out or only major issue while living together for a year was how many episodes of CSI were we going to watch in a single sitting. She even managed to get me to watch a combined 3 episodes of Sex and the City. Spoiler Alert: The girl gets the guy in the end. As usual, the content is her own and posted with her permission.

I’m not usually very good with words, and for those who know me I’m usually the one who doesn’t think before she speaks and ends up with the classic comments that people never seem to forget.  Because this is my first blog ever, I’m trying to make it a good one, which Chris, is part of the reason it took me so long to start writing it.

I met Chris at some point in undergrad.  I can’t remember if I met him first through the girls I knew across the hall in the apartment complex, or through my roommate who dated his roommate.  Either way, we ended up realizing at the end of the four years that we would both be around for longer, and decided to get an apartment together in Foxridge.

From the undergrad years, I can remember when those boys would have people over, and Chris would yell at me for trying to help clean up when the night was over because it was his job.  I remember when he would tell me he had to schedule in “people time” when a video game that he had been waiting for came out and he would have to force himself away from the tv screen.  I also remember when he was nice enough to pick me up and take me to work when I encountered my first flat tire.  Other than mutual friends at the time, we didn’t have that much in common except that I knew about diabetes, and though I had never experienced what he goes through on a daily basis, I was familiar with the limitations that came with the diagnosis.  We also both liked to work out, and could talk about our McComas experiences, mainly making fun of all the guys in the gym slamming weights and staring at the girls more than working out.

I didn’t know Chris before he was diagnosed, so I don’t really know how diabetes might have changed him.  I sometimes wondered if he would have been more likely to go out to parties or hang out with my friends and me. I was always jealous of his self control and organization, which I’m not sure whether it came about as a result of the disease or if that was just how he was.  It takes a lot of determination to watch an entire season of 24 in one day and then go to work that same night.  I would have given up and gone to bed or called in sick.

I had a blast living with him for that one year, and to be honest Chris I don’t know how you put up with me but I’m glad you did!


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