SugarFree Spotlight: Jake F.

Jake was college roommate #3 out of 4, or 5 depending on who you include in the food bill. Along with Nate, he has been around since my diagnosis so he’s seen the best and worst of me diabetically speaking. I remember one of the earlier days after I got back to the dorms and we were talking about how things would be different. At one point my parents mentioned the glucagon shot that I had for the most extreme emergencies, Jake jokingly asked if that meant he could stab me in the heart like Pulp Fiction if the time came. Things like that helped ease some of the burden of my newly diagnosed condition. If it wasn’t as big of a deal for my friends, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal for me. Although in the few early times that slightly more desperate measures needed to be taken, one such instance is retold in Jake’s post, I could always count on him.

I met Chris freshman year. He lived down the hall from me with this other dude that was kind of crazy, in a good way. He didn’t seem to want to go out much and slept a lot but I never really thought about it much. I didn’t know him well enough to say he was any different than the other lazy dudes on the hall. When he game back to school after his diagnosis it all made more sense, but quite frankly I still didn’t really have any clue what diabetes was. I have had a few people in my extended family that had it but it didn’t affect them the same way it did Chris.  He was on a regiment and I swear for the first 6 months all he ate was sugar free jello pudding that he made at his desk, and perhaps the occasional chick-fil-a sandwich.

The following year I became roommates with Chris, Nate (the crazy one), and Carter (my freshman year roommate). Once I lived with Chris nonstop the whole diabetes thing made more sense. I think he had better control of it but every now and then it would get kind of hairy. One time we were getting some food and he had given him self his shot ahead of time… and then the line for food was ridiculous, we had poorly planed out our trip to the eatery and it coincided with the gap between classes. All of a sudden Chris starts freaking out, and doesn’t look to good either. Apparently shooting up and then not eating is not such a smart move. We went into action and someone got a cup of real coke (the heaviest drink in the fountain). After slamming a large portion of this he was clearly coming around, and all went back to normal. From then on as far as I can remember this didn’t happen again, or at least not nearly as severely.

I must admit that Chris is probably the most organized and controlled person I know (except when playing videogames). I don’t know if this is due to his situation or it is just a convenient trait, but it has surely helped him stay on top of his health. I personally could not be as regimented; he is like a machine sometimes. He worked out more and harder than the rest of us and grew faster than the rest of us and did it all on a carefully controlled diet, while the rest of us ate as much as we wanted, and still stayed skinny as hell. Now I’m rambling along here because he wanted me to say something about his disease. I said Id write one paragraph, now I have three with the content of one. I had a lot of friends at school but Chris was and is one of the best, which is why I’m finally writing this for him. If he can pick me up from parties at three am because I’m drunk, than the least I can do is try to write something for his blog.

Jake is a Road Warrior with a degree in Wildlife Sciences (Virginia Tech).


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