So Far, So Good.

It was a month ago that I finally gave into the idea of starting a blog. A little late to the party, but who am I do deny a (potential) creative genius an outlet? I had been reading a few of blogs from some of the diabetic online community and recently embraced the fact that I am not alone when it comes to the ‘betus. Perhaps the planets properly aligned when I had my epiphany, maybe it was a new years resolution made by my subconscious that evolved into action. Whatever the catalyst, here I am world.

I certainly don’t think I am any better the the other more prominent or respected bloggers out there. Then again, maybe ‘better’ is a poor word choice. I think that this is a proper outlet for my thoughts and opinions. A productive way to share my point of view on all kinds of goodies. But I suppose that that is the joy of the internet, everyone has a voice and an opportunity to use it how they see fit. However the fact that we have a voice on the internet is not important, what matters is how we choose to exercise that voice that determines our possible impact on others (if any). This is my attempt at a more mature approach to voicing my opinions. So Far, So Good.

On the rare occasion that I have a unique perspective on a common topic that maybe someone else hasn’t thought of yet, I have an opportunity to share. Because sharing is caring right? So while I stumble through all of the meaningless quibbles and rants that have been posted thus far; rest assured eager reader, there always lies the chance that a rare nugget of insight might strike home. Maybe inspire someone else. It could happen right?

I understand that the act of blogging isn’t going to lower my a1c. I might be naive, but not that naive. But each new post is published with the hope that this whole blogging experience might help me come to grips with some of the realities that I face on a day to day basis that I would normally not openly discuss with friends or even family. I think part of that discussion has already been shown through the various spotlight posts I’ve put up. It might be my diabetes, but that doesn’t mean others aren’t affected by it. Their perspective is important to my understanding not only of how diabetes impacts me, but also those around me. So Far, So Good.

There are some places that I am not ready to go as far as disclosure and discussion are concerned, and others that I simply will not go. As this whole experiment evolves, I continue to believe that this is just the beginning of what will hopefully lead to a better version of me down the road. It wont come simply from blogging, and it wont happen overnight. But I am naive enough to believe that it’s a crucial piece of the puzzle. It could happen right?

I’ve never viewed diabetes as a curse, more as something else to deal with in my life. It is my continued hope that being more open about my diabetes will help me deal with everything that goes along with this disease more positively and proactively on a day to day basis.

So Far, So Good.

One thought on “So Far, So Good.

  1. I think you are right on. Blogging is not only a great place to communicate with loved ones, and share a bit more about our world, but I also find it very therapeutic to write about much of it.

    And we are all so different in how we manage our diabetes! It is a beautiful thing. I have learned much from almost everyone who has blogged about living with diabetes.

    I’m glad you’ve joined in!



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