All Quiet on the Pancreatic Front

I know there’s no such thing as a normal day with Diabetes. Stretching that out a bit, there’s certainly no such thing as a normal week. But I consider a week of solid control to be “normal.” I had spaghetti (twice) this week, even a few cookies to celebrate the return of Lost. And when it came time to check my blood sugars, when control mattered most, everything was where it was supposed to be. Almost like I willed them to the proper destination. “Today, I feel like 98” ((waves fingers)) **Beep** 98. Bam. Like magic.

Ok, it isn’t always like that. But my point is that it’s nice to worry about other things in life than whether or not the food I ate for lunch will balance properly with the insulin I just took. The world isn’t stopping for me every time I have to check my blood sugar. It feels good to know that from time to time I can keep up with everything else and not be distracted by a crushing low or an astronomical high.

I’m sure I’ve jinxed myself for next week. Stay tuned for an angry rant about how I do all the right things and my reward is a range between 59 and 290. Obviously I’ll be doing everything in my power to prevent that from happening, I’m just giving everyone a fair warning. Just in case.

EDIT: It seems Diabetes is good friends with Irony. Always lurking around seizing any opportunity to make a mockery of me in public. My first draft of this post was completed Thursday morning. Two hours later I start to feel a little weak. 53? Really? So much of a normal week. Goes to show you (read: me) that I can’t take anything for granted with Diabeetus and his tortuous ways. I was sincere with the first part of this post. I thought I was doing all the right things. In all honesty, I probably was. I probably am. I suppose there really is no such thing as a “normal” week with Diabetes. Maybe I was aiming too high with a “normal week.” Perhaps I should just stick with stringing together a group of consecutive days with solid control. Baby steps to a normal day. Baby steps to a normal week.

And here I was, thinking that all was quiet on the pancreatic front. I forgot to check my flank.


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