Just Talking with Ben Kuchera

Ben Kuchera, Polygon’s Opinions Editor, is my guest this week. We discuss Ben’s family including the balance of work and five children, as well as finding a new appreciation for video games through his children’s experiences. We also cover his time at Penny Arcade and the expansion of his writing to topics beyond video games. Finally we cover Ben’s transition to Polygon and what we can expect in 2014. Enjoy!

Follow Ben on Twitter @BenKuchera and his work at polygon.com.

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Just Talking About Republique

After a successful Kickstarter campaign and releasing Episode 1 of Republique, Ryan Payton is my guest this week. We discuss the final hours of his team’s $500,000 Kickstarter, the development of Republique, and the reception to Episode 1. We also discuss the benefits of being featured on the App Store, dealing with development and distribution curveballs, and the notion of a gaming development legacy. Enjoy!

Follow Ryan on Twitter @ryanpayton and be sure to check out Republique on the iTunes App Store.

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Just Talking With Patrick Klepek

Giant Bomb’s Patrick Klepek is back on the podcast this week talking about the adjustments he’s made now that he’s working from Chicago, his expanding role in producing video content for the site, the growth of the “Bombin’ the AM” and “Interview Dumptruck” podcasts, and we have a brief chat about the state of the current generation of consoles. Enjoy!

Follow Patrick on Twitter @patrickklepek and at giantbomb.com.

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Operation Supply Drop

I welcome Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga, founder of Operation Supply Drop to the podcast this week. We discuss Stephen’s initial motivations for joining the Army and he shares some of his experiences as an Airborne Ranger. We also cover his time as Editor in Chief at Sarcastic Gamer and the events that led to the forming of Front Towards Gamer. And, most importantly, we talk about the origins of Operation Supply Drop, its future, and the notion that video games can be a force for good. Enjoy.

You can follow Stephen on Twitter at @ShanghaiSix and operationsupplydrop.org.

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Just Talking About UltraChenTV Again

This week I’m joined by the other half of UltraChenTV, David Graham. Naturally we talk about David’s entry into the fighting game community, how he started commentating, and what goes in to preparing content for each episode of UltraChenTV. We also cover David’s day job as an attorney at DGP Law, why he went to law school, and how his work as an attorney complements his work as a commentator. David also shares some predictions for the fighting game community as the video game industry prepares for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Enjoy.

You can follow David on Twitter at @ultradavid, http://twitch.tv/ultrachentv and dpgatlaw.com.

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About Reentry Games

Mark Dunham and Andy Kutruff, co-founders of Reentry Games and developer of Little Legends are my guests this week. Andy and Mark have taken unique paths to game development. We discuss Mark’s prior work on Wall Street and Andy’s years at Microsoft before they decided to form an independent game studio. Andy elaborates on the underlying complexities of their game Little Legends. And I try to get Mark to commit to a release date on iOS and Android. Enjoy.

For more information on Little Legends, go to reentrygames.com and check out the game on Kongregate.

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About Flight Club

This week I’m joined by Drew Scanlon, Giant Bomb’s Senior Video Producer. Drew shares stories from his time as a video game tester for Electronic Arts and some of the projects he contributed to at Backbone Entertainment. I try to wrap my head around the fact that Drew’s career with Whiskey Media started with a Craigslist post. Drew describes the magic of a Giant Bomb live show. And I learn about the origins of Giant Bomb’s Flight Club. Enjoy.

Follow Drew on Twitter at @DrewScanlon and various Flight Club hijinks on giantbomb.com.

And as mentioned, be sure to check out the Giant Bomb Extra Life team page for ways to contribute and participate in the 24-hour gaming marathon.

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