About Medicine X 2014 – Day 2

The Storification of tweets continues as I recap Day 2 of Stanford Medicine X. After the rush of hosting the opening panel the day before, I figured the rest of the weekend would be a walk in the park. Here are some of the stand-out moments from the day, as told by my ability to be clever in the span of 140 characters.

(And you should too)

We still have a ways to go before being the “token patient” at a conference is a thing of the past.

That, right there, is my most important tweet of the day. Maybe even the entire conference.

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About Medicine X 2014 – Day 1

Another day, another link to a Storify post full of tweets and pictures from the first official day of Stanford Medicine X 2014.

Here are my favorite moments from the day’s adventures.

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Reminder: What This is All About

I was at a diabetes retreat for young adults, the first time I have really been able to interact with people close to my own age. No one knows it but due to issues in my life I was very close to taking WAY more insulin than I should have and being around those people was the only thing that kept me from doing it.

- Submitted to My Diabetes Secret

Don’t ever discount the power of “me too”. It’s a powerful, sometimes life-saving feeling. While it may be a bit hyperbolic to say that all of these diabetes blogs are saving lives every day, we’re certainly helping fight the good fight.

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I wrote this last night so I wouldn’t forget about it, but this deserves more than 140 characters, so here we are.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m starting to explore the diabetes community on Reddit because I want to understand how that corner of the Internet functions. For the most part I have a solid understanding of how each social platform can benefit a person with diabetes looking to connect with peers, share their story, and ultimately remember that they aren’t alone. I realize in doing this I will have dabbled in a number of areas, some more successful than others, but without coming to any grand conclusions about all of the time I’ve spent (wasted) talking about diabetes on the Internet.

But what if we could hand a newly diagnosed person with diabetes a little flyer that mapped out every place they could connect with other people with diabetes based on interest and Internet tendencies? Do you like long form text and aren’t afraid of terms like CSS and widget layout? WordPress or Blogger might be for you. Do you prefer to express yourself in quick bursts and like to follow lots of conversations at once? Try Twitter.

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What’s a Reddit?

I want to figure out what the deal is with the /r/diabetes community on Reddit. Actually, I want to figure out Reddit, then figure out the diabetes community over there.

Over the past few years we have seen the diabetes community grow and flourish. Between all the blogs, the tweets, the shares, the views, the comments, and whatever else you want to include, there’s a lot of us out there. The fun part about all of this growth comes when we can combine our powers for a greater good and use our social voice to make a difference – see Strip Safely. Speaking of, have you written to your representative about Medical Device Data Systems yet?

My point is, there’s no shortage of diabetes in the social web.

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Just Talking with Dr. Mike Sevilla

Dr. Mike Sevilla returns to the podcast to discuss the growth of social media use among the physician community, how he helps his peers see the benefits of social media, and the prospects of an engaged physician community among health care conversations online. We also talk about the value of disconnecting from the Internet from time to time and Dr. Sevilla’s anticipation. Enjoy!

You can also follow Dr. Sevilla on Twitter @drmikesevilla, and drmikesevilla.com.

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