Observations After Wearing a t:slim for 24 Hours

Yesterday I started wearing a t:slim insulin pump – my very first insulin pump. Ever. The cartridge is filled with saline, so this isn’t a full-on pumping experience, but enough has happened already that deem this hastily typed blog post worth a few seconds of your time to skim over.

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Patient Health Survey

Through a series of unfortunate miscommunications between me, my local Tandem Diabetes representative, my endocrinologist, and a diabetes education center, my journey with an insulin pump has been significantly delayed. Up until this past Monday, I had been assured that the only training I needed prior to pumping insulin would be from my Tandem representative. The morning of my hypothetical appointment with the rep, less than 30 minutes away from beginning to program my basal rates, I received a phone call from my rep saying that my appointment with the diabetes education center had to come first, that their “pump start” class was mandatory for my endocrinologist’s patients that are new to pumping, and I would need to follow up with them on the necessary paperwork.


As of this blog post’s publishing, my insulin pump is sitting in its original box, buried in our closet of diabetes supplies behind boxes of insulin pen needles I can’t wait to leave behind.

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About Medicine X 2014 – Fashion

If you’ll excuse a moment of vanity.

I knew this year would be different. As a member of the ePatient Advisory Board, there would be more attention on what I did and said. Par for the course, I suppose, that increased responsibility means increased visibility means increased responsibility. Ben Parker would be proud. It was with this context that I decided to seriously step my fashion game up for the conference. In 2012 I wore polo shirts and button ups, but I also had a zip-up hoodie on standby. Last year I bought new shirts, in particular for my opening panel that I moderated. But this year I needed something more assertive; something more mature.


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My Diabetes Kitchen

Admittedly, I’ve fallen off keeping up with Hannah Hart and her My Drunk Kitchen series. Everything I’ve seen from her is great, but like some television shows, once you get behind it’s hard to keep up. But, the latest episode of MDK features Hannah’s sister who has type 1 diabetes.

Pay particular attention to the ‘what is diabetes?’ bit in the beginning. I wanted to give her a high five by the end of this thing.

Sometimes it takes the most peculiar avenues for diabetes advocacy to make any kind of meaningful impact. I’ll take it.

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This is a preemptive declaration of my contribution to #dayofdiabetes in a month or so. (For those of you that are just catching up, you can learn more about #dayofdiabetes here.)

I’ll need to do one more #dayofdiabetes a few months into my insulin pump adventure once I’ve gotten the basics down as that will probably be a better comparison to my life with insulin pens, but the comparison between MDI and new-to-pump, MDI to slightly experienced with a pump, and new-to-pump to slightly experienced with a pump will be an interesting observation opportunity.

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