Lucky Me

I’ve been quite lucky in my podcasting adventures over the past few years. I do my best to present my show as a professional, something to be proud of each and every week I publish a new episode. I try to let my content speak for itself rather than worry about an overly wordy pitch or request for an interview. No matter how convincing I may be, I still rely on people actually saying “yes” to my invites.

These past two conversations are just another instance of kind folks taking a leap of faith and having an hour-long conversation with a total stranger. All of this based on an email with 5 sentences and a link to a podcast, inviting prospective guests to “sample my podcast if they would like to see how I conduct my business.”

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Feline and Diabetes Management for Cross-Country Drives

As is always the case, your diabetes may vary. For the sake of this post, the mentality of your pets may (read: will) vary, too.

In preparing to drive across the country with diabetes and two cats, I knew that the success of this trip would come down to planning and packing. Having mapped out my route and booked reservations at the three hotels I would be staying at weeks in advance, I knew that I wouldn’t be pressed to drive father than would be necessary each day. A little research pointed me in the direction of La Quinta Inn & Suites due to their pet friendliness – I didn’t have to pay any additional fees for the cats at any of the hotels and the staff took extra care to put me near elevators and stairs to make my cat-wrangling efforts as easy as possible.

Dayle bought me a mini-fridge with an adapter for a car’s cigarette lighter, ensuring my insulin would be cool – although it lacked the power to keep everything “cold”, it was more than enough for four days on the road. A few days before embarking on the drive I picked up some go-to snacks and supplies for the drive: glucose tablets, peanuts, and gum. Things like Diet Coke, water, Gatorade, and Red Bull (if necessary) I bought on the road to keep those beverages as cold as possible. While I made sure not to drink too much, or too fast, I always had something handy in case I felt parched.

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