My Diabetes Kitchen

Admittedly, I’ve fallen off keeping up with Hannah Hart and her My Drunk Kitchen series. Everything I’ve seen from her is great, but like some television shows, once you get behind it’s hard to keep up. But, the latest episode of MDK features Hannah’s sister who has type 1 diabetes.

Pay particular attention to the ‘what is diabetes?’ bit in the beginning. I wanted to give her a high five by the end of this thing.

Sometimes it takes the most peculiar avenues for diabetes advocacy to make any kind of meaningful impact. I’ll take it.

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This is a preemptive declaration of my contribution to #dayofdiabetes in a month or so. (For those of you that are just catching up, you can learn more about #dayofdiabetes here.)

I’ll need to do one more #dayofdiabetes a few months into my insulin pump adventure once I’ve gotten the basics down as that will probably be a better comparison to my life with insulin pens, but the comparison between MDI and new-to-pump, MDI to slightly experienced with a pump, and new-to-pump to slightly experienced with a pump will be an interesting observation opportunity.

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Two Clips

Here are two YouTube clips I found this morning.

The first, by way of Kim by way of Heather, is a commentary on the pinkification of breast cancer. It’s powerful stuff.

I’m not sure if you could simply replace ‘pink’ with ‘blue’ and ‘cancer’ with ‘diabetes’, but the commercialization of chronic and life-threatening illnesses is quite disturbing when you step back and look at everything that’s going on.

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Wedding Progress And Things

While this won’t become a proper wedding planning blog or anything like that, there’s some solid back-patting going around in the Snider/Kern home right now.

On the diabetes front, I would appreciate it if you could hop over to Kim’s blog and offer any insight you can on the emotions of insulin pumping – for a friend.

Yes, the friend is me.

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#dblogcheck Update: The Tribe Has Spoken

Next Tuesday (July 22) I’m encouraging everyone to comment on every single blog post they read. Even if it’s just a “Check!”, leave a comment on everything. It may seem like a tough task, but it’s worth it.

For those of you catching up to this whole #dblogcheck thing, here are some posts to provide background on what’s going on.

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