Pumping on the Holidays

I realized last night that a number of “firsts” will be crossed off of my diabetes accomplishments during our upcoming travel adventures.

  • First time dealing with TSA and an insulin pump
  • First time estimating pump supplies I will need for an extended trip
  • First time sharing my insulin pump, in person, with my parents
  • First time not worrying (as much) about snacking

It’s curious to feel like my diabetes may be ‘new’ for a moment or two. I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, it is new. Even though I’ve been living with this disease for 12 years, I’ve only been pumping insulin for a couple of months. While I’ve made progress and improvements to my diabetes management since starting on a t:slim, my basal rates and correction factors still need tweaking.

It’s a shame I had to go through everything I did to get that ‘new’ feeling back again. It feels strange to call diabetes ‘exciting’, but that’s what this is: excitement. I’m excited to share my new gadget. I’m excited to see how different this year’s travel will be compared to previous years. I’m excited to have something positive to say about my diabetes.

You can decide which excited gif works best to end this post, but I still default to Kermit.

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The path to refining and redefining the person and patient advocate I want to be is ever-present. There will always be something I want to change, improve, or tweak – but the challenge now is figuring out how to focus my efforts. With that in mind, I’m considering this the next step in simplifying who I am – online, at least.

Going to keep it simple in 2015.

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It’s not exactly a crowd-pleaser, but it’s the most basic representation of what I’m about. Between this and the unified starting point, my hope is that 2015 will start off in the right direction. Or, I’m too concerned with my “image” and need to stop obsessing about these things.

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I recently purchased christopherasnider.com. In this age of digital everything, it felt like a necessary investment. And while it pains me to type this, there is the matter of my brand – whatever that is – to maintain. Now I can create things like christopherasnider.com/blog and have it redirect here. Or I can create christopherasnider.com/podcast and have it redirect to my podcast, Just Talking.

Now I can do things like focus my online efforts to better represent the kind of (digital) person I am, and want to be. This newsletter may help with that, too.

It’s strange to think about what these decisions may mean in the grand scheme of things. But I suppose there’s plenty of time to figure all of this out.

If you’re reading this, then you’re likely aware of everything .com and that newsletter have to offer. But for newcomers to my little slice of the Internet, I feel good about the (digital) introduction I’m providing. It’s professional, or something.

Have a nice weekend.

Slimmer Profile

After a few days flying blind thanks to a dead Dexcom transmitter, FedEx showed up today with a special, expedited delivery.

0.1" slimmer than the previous model

0.1″ slimmer than the previous model

After seeing Kerri share a picture of a new Dexcom transmitter, I suddenly wondered if my request was made “in time” to receive a smaller transmitter too. While I have gotten used to the size of the original G4 transmitter, a change of this magnitude would certainly be welcome.

Hearing the new transmitter is “0.1 inches slimmer than the previous model” doesn’t really do anything for me, however. It’s difficult to put that size into a proper context. So I lined up some pennies and oh-so-scientifically determined that the new transmitter is about 2 pennies smaller.

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