Lacking Context

Out of context, this number looks great. But it doesn’t tell the story of the 8 hours above 200 yesterday. Or the 51 at 4am. Yes, numbers never lie. But these numbers will never tell the whole truth either.

I shared that nugget of wisdom this morning. It’s important for the outsiders, the onlookers, the casual observers, for anyone paying attention to all of the chatter about our lives with diabetes to understand that these blood glucose checks lack the context to properly illustrate what living with this disease entails.

Of the thousands of decisions I make each day, both conscious and unconscious, and the constantly evolving set of external factors that influence a given blood glucose check, a single number doesn’t come close to telling the story of what happened, what is happening, or what will happen.

And yet, I still find joy in seeing numbers in range.

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Hashtag Aquarist

Dayle and I bought an aquarium over the weekend. I know what you’re thinking: the cats are gonna love this. You’re right. They do.

We had discussed adding fish to our pet family a couple of times prior to this weekend, but we decided to make a sincere effort to learn what would be required logistically, aquatically, and financially from a local aquarium that came highly recommended. After spending an hour asking all kinds of questions about tank maintenance and the order of operations for introducing new fish to our home, we decided to make the plunge.

All of a sudden we’re balancing pH levels and arranging plastic foliage in a hopefully visually appealing manner in a 20-gallon tank.

Right now we have four (4) fish in our tank: a platy, molly, sword tail, and gold barb. If any of those names mean anything to you, please get in touch.

The one thing that struck me as I stared off into the abyss of our new aquarium, watching our fish indulge in their morning meal, is that people with diabetes are ideal pet owners. Now, stick with me on this one.

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Gone ‘Til November

The good news is I’ve scheduled an appointment with a local endocrinologist. The not so good news is that it’s in November – that’s the soonest I could get in as a new patient. The somewhat comforting news is that my existing prescriptions, and refills will last me until then. But the bummer is that I’m officially locked into my current diabetes treatment until I meet my new doctor.

What bums me out the most is that I have to wait until November to find out if this endocrinologist will be a good fit for me. Do they take the time to listen instead of waiting for her turn to talk? What are their thoughts on the value of social media and peer-to-peer support structures? Do I mention my blog as soon as possible? Should I go in with a list of questions? (Yes) What should be on that list?

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The Funny Thing About Dexcom Breaks

I’ve found just as many reasons why I need to continue wearing my Dexcom continuously as examples of decent to sometimes excellent diabetes control.

As much as I miss having access to real-timey data, I don’t miss the constant reminders that things are not “normal”. Of course the days I wake up at 120 mg/dL are just enough of an excuse to delay putting on a fresh sensor for another day.

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