Over the Weekend

Multiple times this weekend, I was thankful to be wearing an insulin pump and not worry about remembering my Lantus injection in the morning, or evening.

For all of the benefits this insulin pump has brought into my diabetes management, the quality of life improvement has been off the charts.

And even after all the blog posts, A1c results, and dexcom pictures, being happy is the most valuable measure of how much this transition has meant to me.

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I Forgot

Somewhat recently I updated my Instagram profile to more accurately describe the stuff I share over there.

I mostly post pictures of my Dexcom and my cats. Occasionally, I sprinkle in some other stuff…but that’s mostly it. Says a lot about me, I suppose.

But, over the past week or so, I’ve been intentionally avoiding sharing any Dexcom lines because, for the most part, I forgot how to diabetes.

It feels like the only time my blood glucose levels are “normal” is when it’s en route to an extreme high or severe low. No amount of corrections seem to do the trick, and at some point I just gave up on the idea of control and started settling “I tried”.

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Dexcom Software 505

24 hours later.

Why is Software 505 a big deal? Let’s step back for a moment.

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Learning How To Walk

Just ignore that middle bit. #dexcom #diabetes

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By no means am I an expert on this diabetes thing. I have a grasp of the basics: food makes my blood sugar goes up, insulin down, exercise helps, these are the facts, yet this sentence is a lie. But I’ve found that almost everything I thought I knew, took for granted, or even assumed about my diabetes management prior to starting on an insulin pump is a distant memory spent counting insulin pen needles. It’s not that everything I knew doesn’t translate to pumping insulin, it’s just that everything I knew on multiple daily injections doesn’t translate to pumping insulin.

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