Dexcom Software 505

24 hours later.

Why is Software 505 a big deal? Let’s step back for a moment.

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Learning How To Walk

Just ignore that middle bit. #dexcom #diabetes

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By no means am I an expert on this diabetes thing. I have a grasp of the basics: food makes my blood sugar goes up, insulin down, exercise helps, these are the facts, yet this sentence is a lie. But I’ve found that almost everything I thought I knew, took for granted, or even assumed about my diabetes management prior to starting on an insulin pump is a distant memory spent counting insulin pen needles. It’s not that everything I knew doesn’t translate to pumping insulin, it’s just that everything I knew on multiple daily injections doesn’t translate to pumping insulin.

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Trust the Pump

“Your BG is Above Target. Add Correction Bolus?”

Trusting my insulin pump to do its thing has been an interesting exercise in patience. #diabetes

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Trusting the math within the configuration of my insulin pump has been a big challenge for me. Ordinarily when I would opt to take another insulin injection to get my blood glucose back in an acceptable range, my insulin pump has a more prudent approach to things.

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Prior to pumping insulin, I never consciously factored in the time it takes for insulin to do its thing after I’ve eaten. I know that insulin is required to cover meals, but I rarely thought about the time it takes for that coverage to take place. Now, my insulin pump kindly reminds me that I have 4.02 units of insulin in my system for another 3 hours, and does not recommend any additional insulin.

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Pumping Ain’t Easy

I know, I’m burning this post title awfully early in the grand timeline of my wearing an insulin pump, but enough has happened already – in just 48 hours – that I’m going for it.

My first day has gone swimmingly. #dexcom #diabetes

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I’ve had an eventful start.

  • My first night on a pump, we had pizza for dinner – like you do – celebrating my ability to program a legitimate extended bolus.
  • Somewhere in the process of living my life, my infusion set went wonky.
  • Despite the wonk, corrections had some effect. Which (incorrectly) led me to think my pump settings were off. Because I would know things were wrong after my first-ever 20-hours wearing this thing.
  • After continued blood glucose tests, failed corrections, and general frustration, I did a full site change. Infusion set, insulin cartridge, everything.
  • The next 12 hours involved staring at my iPad (monitoring my Nightscout site) as the number slowly fell back into range.

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