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I was at a diabetes retreat for young adults, the first time I have really been able to interact with people close to my own age. No one knows it but due to issues in my life I was very close to taking WAY more insulin than I should have and being around those people was the only thing that kept me from doing it.

- Submitted to My Diabetes Secret

Don’t ever discount the power of “me too”. It’s a powerful, sometimes life-saving feeling. While it may be a bit hyperbolic to say that all of these diabetes blogs are saving lives every day, we’re certainly helping fight the good fight.

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Waiting for #WeAreNotWaiting

In my diabetes circles, conversations around the #WeAreNotWaiting movement, CGM in the Cloud, Nightscout, #DIYPS, Pebble watches, and all that jazz have been increasing at a rapid pace. Even the Quantified Self community is aware of the growing movement to access our diabetes data. I’m all for the prospect of data access and liberation. If device manufacturers have a plan to join the fun, that’s great. But as the hashtag would suggest, we are not waiting for the day to come when a Dexcom sanctioned application is available. Our data is there, we want it now.

I’ve been particularly curious about the prospects of taking my CGM to the cloud as an adult with diabetes. For parents, being able to remotely monitor your child’s diabetes must lift an incredible burden off your shoulders. The worry will always be there, but having more information will always help. For me? It’s going to take a little more convincing to get on board. Right now I work from home. I don’t travel. And Dayle is here at night. As fancy as remote Dexcom monitoring is, I don’t see why it would benefit me.

I have no problem using my Dexcom receiver as the primary means of CGM data gathering. Especially as a guy, all of my pants have pockets, so it’s not a big deal to have it with me all the time. I am in no way discounting the adults with diabetes that have found benefits in setting up their CGM among the digital cumulonumbi, but I need a little extra convincing that I will find some practical use for this effort besides pointing at it and saying “cool, huh?”. I expressed these thoughts as concisely as possible on Twitter this afternoon and engaged in quite the discussion about what I would want out of Nightscout if I were to embark on the installation process.

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Just Talking with Tabatha Muntzinger

I’m joined by Tabatha Muntzinger this week as we recap her experiences at BlogHer ’14. In doing so, we also discuss her notable BlogHer moments from the past two conferences, being recognized for one of the Selfies of the Year, the evolution and impact of social media in her life, and the lengths to which one person will go for a bright red bath tub. Enjoy!

You can follow Tabatha on Twitter @tabulous and

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I wrote this last night so I wouldn’t forget about it, but this deserves more than 140 characters, so here we are.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m starting to explore the diabetes community on Reddit because I want to understand how that corner of the Internet functions. For the most part I have a solid understanding of how each social platform can benefit a person with diabetes looking to connect with peers, share their story, and ultimately remember that they aren’t alone. I realize in doing this I will have dabbled in a number of areas, some more successful than others, but without coming to any grand conclusions about all of the time I’ve spent (wasted) talking about diabetes on the Internet.

But what if we could hand a newly diagnosed person with diabetes a little flyer that mapped out every place they could connect with other people with diabetes based on interest and Internet tendencies? Do you like long form text and aren’t afraid of terms like CSS and widget layout? WordPress or Blogger might be for you. Do you prefer to express yourself in quick bursts and like to follow lots of conversations at once? Try Twitter.

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What’s a Reddit?

I want to figure out what the deal is with the /r/diabetes community on Reddit. Actually, I want to figure out Reddit, then figure out the diabetes community over there.

Over the past few years we have seen the diabetes community grow and flourish. Between all the blogs, the tweets, the shares, the views, the comments, and whatever else you want to include, there’s a lot of us out there. The fun part about all of this growth comes when we can combine our powers for a greater good and use our social voice to make a difference – see Strip Safely. Speaking of, have you written to your representative about Medical Device Data Systems yet?

My point is, there’s no shortage of diabetes in the social web.

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A Final Thought on #dblgocheck

This? Right here? Is what all of the fuss was about.

Thanks again for participating.

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Just Talking with Kim Vlasnik

This week I’m catching up with Kim Vlasnik and chatting about life illustrated by animated gifs, life with a garden, life as a mother, Friends for Life 2014, the You Can Do This Project, and her upcoming Ignite Talk at Medicine X. Enjoy!

You can follow Kim on Twitter @txtngmypancreas,,, and

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