Weekend Project

As teased earlier this week, I’m embarking on the process of taking my Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring System to the Cloud. Assuming I get all this stuff working, I’ll share my specific steps and reasons next week. But, after my initial apprehensions with all of this Cloud stuff, and later messing around with the Chromadex App (and it’s most recent update to fully integrate with NightScout) for a few weeks, I knew it was only a matter of time before I took all of this to the next level.

Wish me luck!

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A Productive Day

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A Warm Welcome to Modern Diabetes Care

I met my new endocrinologist and CDE today. The short version goes something like this: I love everything about them. And I’m getting a t:slim. And I feel great about everything.

Tell ‘em Stanley.

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About Stanford Medicine X’s Global Access Program

Last week I spoke with Dr. Mike Sevilla about Medicine X and my cats distracting me in front of a webcam. But mostly about Medicine X. Here’s the video.

The big takeaway is that Medicine X has something called a Global Access Program that features a livestream of all sessions in the main hall for the entire conference. For free. If you’ve ever had a passing interest in anything I’ve had to say about Medicine X, you should sign up – it’s free. If you applied for an ePatient Scholarship but didn’t make the final cut, you should sign up – it’s free. If you want to start thinking about diabetes advocacy from a different perspective, you should sign up – it’s free. If you care about things like data access, patient empowerment, digital health care solutions, technology’s impact on medicine, you should sign up – it’s free.

Basically, if you’re reading this blog post, you should sign up – it’s free.

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