Revisiting #dayofdiabetes

And with that, we’ve settled on Thursday, April 10 as a new #dayofdiabetes.

I’m calling this a revisit because I shared my first #dayofdiabetes last May and a bunch of people gave it a go after that. Engaging with this project is not something that I recommend on a daily basis. Looking this hard at my diabetes management, recognizing every action that I take that has a diabetes influence, and remembering to share that thought with Twitter…it’s exhausting (more so than simply living with diabetes.) That said, the advocacy and awareness impact of doing this is immeasurable.

For all the blog posts and independent tweets we share with the world, putting them back to back for a full day provides real insight into what it’s like to live with this disease. That’s the power of sharing a #dayofdiabetes. It’s just one way we as a community can spread diabetes fact rather than let diabetes myths pollute the conversation. It’s one of the most personal ways we can educate each other, and the general public, about the similarities, differences, struggles, and successes that come with living with diabetes.

So this Thursday, I invite you to share your Day of Diabetes. If you’re interested in participating, let me know in the comments or send me a message on Twitter @iam_spartacus. If you want to Storify your own tweets after you’re done, feel free. I’ll do my best to capture each of your days and post them up on the Day of Diabetes blog.

If you want to see what past entries look like, you can visit

And if you are afraid you’ll be alone in your tweets, fear not…

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Automotive Customization

Looking back, I’ve always had a vanity license plate. My first car was Su6rFr3; a bold attempt to recreate my initial diabetes alias, SugarFree.

The vanity plates for my second car reflected my current persona – 5prtc5. You know, because I am Spartacus. I even put that on a JDRF themed plate. Between Spartacus, diabetes, and the Virginia Tech frame, you had an entire snapshot of who I am. (Assuming you could translate 5prtc5.)

Now that I’m living in California, there’s a new opportunity to customize my drive-by status. Lucky for me, you can get particularly creative with license plates in this state.

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This morning, Kim posted this:

The response was quite enthusiastic.

Later that day, this appeared:

And now DiaBuzzfeed is a thing. And it’s great.

And since there’s an option to submit posts yourself, I will be looking for my favorite animated gifs and a way to tie them all together with a diabetes-twist.

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