Just Talking about the Bionic Pancreas

Last month Wendy Rose took her daughter to a diabetes camp so she could participate in a trial for the Bionic Pancreas. This week Wendy, and her daughter, join me to talk about their experiences. Learn about the Bionic Pancreas, the experience of not caring about type 1 diabetes for a week, and the realization that the future of diabetes technology is upon us. Very exciting times. Enjoy!

You can follow Wendy on Twitter @MrsCandyHearts and candyheartsblog.org.

And, keep up with the latest information on the Bionic Pancreas at bionicpancreas.com

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About Stanford Medicine X’s Global Access Program

Last week I spoke with Dr. Mike Sevilla about Medicine X and my cats distracting me in front of a webcam. But mostly about Medicine X. Here’s the video.

The big takeaway is that Medicine X has something called a Global Access Program that features a livestream of all sessions in the main hall for the entire conference. For free. If you’ve ever had a passing interest in anything I’ve had to say about Medicine X, you should sign up – it’s free. If you applied for an ePatient Scholarship but didn’t make the final cut, you should sign up – it’s free. If you want to start thinking about diabetes advocacy from a different perspective, you should sign up – it’s free. If you care about things like data access, patient empowerment, digital health care solutions, technology’s impact on medicine, you should sign up – it’s free.

Basically, if you’re reading this blog post, you should sign up – it’s free.

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Reminder: What This is All About

I was at a diabetes retreat for young adults, the first time I have really been able to interact with people close to my own age. No one knows it but due to issues in my life I was very close to taking WAY more insulin than I should have and being around those people was the only thing that kept me from doing it.

- Submitted to My Diabetes Secret

Don’t ever discount the power of “me too”. It’s a powerful, sometimes life-saving feeling. While it may be a bit hyperbolic to say that all of these diabetes blogs are saving lives every day, we’re certainly helping fight the good fight.

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Just Talking with John Costik

This week John Costik joins me to talk about his son’s diabetes diagnosis, balancing his son’s diabetes with among everyone in his family, and the impetus behind hacking his son’s continuous glucose monitor – starting a data liberation movement within the diabetes community. Enjoy!

You can follow John on Twitter @jcostik and hackingtype1.com.

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