Just Talking about mySugr

Kyle Rose, mySugr’s Managing Director for North America is my guest this week. We cover Kyle’s work with mySugr, the complexities of an international business with respect to localization and government approval. As well as covering the basic of the mySugr suite of applications, I also ask about the future of mySugr and do my best to learn about future product updates without getting Kyle in trouble. There’s also, for reasons I cannot explain, some mention of Cornell’s A Capella scene. Enjoy!

You can learn more about mySugr at mysugr.com and by following them on Twitter @mySugr.

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Just Talking with Karen Chu

This week I welcome Karen Chu, host of Good Job, Brain!, back to the podcast. We talk about the growth Good Job, Brain!, the excitement of meeting fans face to face, how she and her co-hosts have put a creative spin on sponsorship. We also discuss Karen’s cosplaying rules for Disney Marathons, because running 13.3 miles isn’t enough of a challenge. Finally, we spend a few minutes talking about her work at Twitch and fun moments like “Twitch Plays Pokemon”. Enjoy!

You can follow Karen on Twitter at @momopeche, listen to her podcast Good Job, Brain! at goodjobbrain.com, and learn more about Twitch at twitch.tv.

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About Quantified Self

Ernesto Ramirez, Program Director at Quantified Self, is my guest this week. We cover Ernesto’s continuing education from Arizona State to his upcoming dissertation at the University of California, San Diego. And naturally we spend a lot of time talking about Quantified Self, its origins, the meetups that drive the Quantified Self community, and the growth of self-tracking and wearable technology. Enjoy!

You can follow Ernesto on Twitter at @eramirez and learn more about Quantified Self at quantifiedself.com.

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Just Talking About Balancing Diabetes

This week we’re talking about Kerri Sparling’s book, “Balancing Diabetes”. First I talk to Kerri about the writing process, developing a cohesive voice with the many contributors who helped make each chapter complete, and the awkwardness of self-promotion. Fitting with the nature of the book, I’m also joined by George Simmons, Sean Oser, Harry Thompson, Briley Boisvert, and Christel Marchand Aprigliano to discuss the chapters they contributed to, and why this book is awesome. Enjoy!

“Balancing Diabetes: Conversations about finding happiness and living well” is available now. You can pick it up on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, and learn more about the book, and Kerri at http://sixuntilme.com/book.

Special thanks to the other guests who appeared on this week’s podcast:

  • George Simmons – ninjabetic.com – @ninjabetic
  • Sean Oser – t1works.blogspot.com – @seanoser
  • Harry Thompson – @harrythompson
  • Briley Boivert – independence.com – @4thandlife
  • Christel Marchand Aprigliano – theperfectd.com – @theperfectd

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About Databetes

This week Doug Kanter, founder of Databetes, is my guest this week. We discuss his diabetes diagnosis, this experience as a freelance photographer during the Beijing Olympics, the power of data visualization, and the path to creating Databetes his company’s first application, Meal Memory. Enjoy!

Learn more about Databetes and Meal Memory at databetes.com and follow Doug on Twitter at @databetes.

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About Tidepool

Howard Look, President and CEO of Tidepool, is my guest this week. We cover his time at TiVo as a Vice President of Software and User Experience and his role as Vice President of Software at Pixar before getting to Tidepool. Tidepool is a non-profit developing an open source platform that will serve as the hub for previously isolated and siloed diabetes data. This is a really big deal. Enjoy!

Learn more about Tidepool at tidepool.org and follow Howard directly on Twitter at @HowardLook.

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About Glucose Glass

I’m joined Nate Heintzman this week, and our primary topic is Google Glass. Specifically, Nate is working on a project called Glucose Glass that looks to integrate data from external diabetes devices in an intuitive and seamless way. We discuss the project, obstacles to success, and what the future of diabetes data could look like if open access were a reality. We also cover the origins of Insulindepence, as Nate is one of the co-founders. Enjoy!

Keep up with Nate, and Glucose Glass on Twitter @DiabetesData, his work at dial.ucsd.edu. And, you can learn more about Insulindependence at insulindependence.org

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